AGR Super Box 2 Steering Gear Box - 204312 |

AGR Super Box 2 Steering Gear Box - 204312

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  • AGR | Part Number: AGR204312
  • Fitment:Universal Fit


This Super Box 2 steering gear box is nearly identical in design, performance, and brute force to the Super Box 1, but are engineered for the vehicle used as a daily driver. They have a firmer valving and appropriate ratio gearing for better handling and drivability at highway speeds. The ratio is the 13-16:1 with the 4 finger feel and 3.3ish turns lock to lock. This box is also for Crossover conversions on the 4x4 steering. Using Crossover Steering on the 4x4 corrects the steering linkage geometry keeping it from binding in twisted off road situations and gives you a m uch more controlled feel on the road!

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Steerco is a maker of performance aftermarket Jeep steering products under the brand name Steerco and, as of December 2015, under the brand name American Gold Racing "AGR." Steerco is based in Fort Worth, Texas and all AGR and Steerco products are manufactured in the United States. AGR Jeep gear boxes, Jeep steering boxes, steering systems and pumps all come with the Steerco guarantee. Steerco can offer this guarantee because with their manufacturing taking place stateside, they dedicate a very high level of attention to quality manufacturing processes. Shop AGR Now