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The 4 Most Popular WARN Winches

With over 60 years of industry experience, Warn Industries has had plenty of time to perfect their craft and dominate the winch market. They have created so many WARN winches that there's guaranteed to be one for any situation, but it also means that finding that perfect fit can be a daunting task.

Thankfully, GoWarn is here to help. We've selected our most popular WARN winches so you can get an idea of what the majority of off-roaders are using when they hit the trails. With the specs provided here, you should be able to find a reliable WARN winch that will be the perfect accompaniment to your rig.

WARN M8000 Self-Recovery Winches (Part#: WAR26502)
The M8000 is one of the most versatile WARN winches available. With 8,000 lbs of pulling power, it's just the right strength for most trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. Plus, it's very efficient with that power; the line speed is an incredible 8ft. per minute when winching at the rated load. Customize it by choosing either an 80ft. wire rope and hawse fairlead combo or a 100ft. wire rope and roller fairlead combo.

  • Rated Line Pull: 8,000 lbs
  • Motor: 12V
  • Motor: 12V
  • Motor: 12V

WARN RT25 Rugged Terrain Winches (Part#: WAR75000)
This is one of the most popular WARN winches designed specifically for ATVs. The 2,500 lbs of pulling power allow you to winch out a lightweight ATV or pull other objects that are less than 2,500 lbs, such as errant trees that have fallen in your way. 50ft. of wire rope is paired with a patent-pending brake that will stay strong even on sharp inclines.

  • Rated Line Pull: 2,500 lbs
  • Motor: 12V
  • Horsepower: Not Rated
  • Gear Ratio: 154.1

WARN RT30 Rugged Terrain Winches (Part#: WAR76000)
RT30 WARN winches are almost exactly like the RT25 versions with a few extra features thrown in. First of all, you'll get a slightly higher line pull – about 3,000 lbs – so you can winch more heavy-duty ATVs and larger objects without difficulty. In addition, the RT30 features full weather sealing so that it's protected from the harsher elements like rain and snow. Overall, this is a great option if you need a more heavy-duty WARN winch for your ATV.

  • Rated Line Pull: 3,000 lbs
  • Motor: 12V
  • Horsepower: Not Rated
  • Gear Ratio: 154.1

WARN XT25 Extreme Terrain Winches (Part#: WAR75500)
For a more extreme version of the RT25, look to XT25 WARN winches. These are identical to RT25 winches except for a couple of key factors. First of all, the XT25 WARN winches are lighter by a couple pounds. This will put less weight on the ATV, and therefore less strain. The other key difference is the fairlead. XT25 winches are only available with a synthetic hawse fairlead, whereas with the RT25 you get an option.

  • Rated Line Pull: 2,500 lbs
  • Motor: 12V
  • Horsepower: Not Rated
  • Gear Ratio: 154.1

Of course there are many more wonderful WARN winches from which to choose. Here, we've only focused on our 4 best-selling winches. If you have an oversized truck, none of these options are likely to work for you, but we're sure to have a winch on the site that will be just right.

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