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Truck Parts Home » 4x4 Off Road Accessories » Benefits of Using a Tonneau Cover for Your Truck – Increase Gas Mileage

Benefits of Using a Tonneau Cover for Your Truck – Increase Gas Mileage

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There are many reasons to use a tonneau cover for your truck’s bed. Many pickup trucks have a tonneau cover installed, but you may be asking yourself why? Are they really worth the extra costs associated with a truck bed cover? The answer is yes. You definitely want to take advantage of tonneau covers as they offer numerous benefits for you and your vehicle.

Aerodynamics: Driving a truck with an open bed is not aerodynamic due to the large crevice in the truck's bed. The wind gets sucked down into the bed, reducing the truck's aerodynamics and causing drag. Covering up the open bed with a tonneau cover will make your pickup truck aerodynamic by allowing the air to flow smoothly over the cover. This in turn results in better gas mileage and more money in your pocket to spend on other things you need.

Security: If you have valuables or important equipment in your truck, then it is more than likely it will reside in your truck bed. You do not have room in a truck cab to fit all your valuables, so a cover can be your best option. Tonneau covers are strong and durable, depending on the type you purchase, often becoming a deterrent to thieves. The covers also take time to open or remove from a truck bed, making it unlikely for someone to try and break into it. To increase security, try adding a security lock to your tonneau truck cover.

Weather Protection: If you live in an area that is subjected to extreme weather conditions then you definitely need to take advantage of a tonneau cover for your truck. Rain, sleet, snow, and hail all can permanently damage your truck bed's contents. The sun’s heat can also damage your truck. A cover will obstruct all these damages, preventing your interior contents from permanent damages.

Organization and Safe Transportation: Covering your truck bed can help organize and secure your cargo. By using a tonneau cover, your cargo will not freely roll around and rattle in your truck bed. While driving, cargo can be blown away due to the wind. Having a cover prevents this occurrence.

From the benefits listed above, you can clearly see why so many pickup truck owners decide to add a tonneau cover to their bed. The cost of the tonneau cover dissipates after it has been installed and used for a few months. The added security, improved gas mileage, and other benefits can definitely make the cover a great addition to your truck. So go out and find a proper tonneau cover that suits your truck.

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