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Truck Parts Home » Buyer's Guide » Towing Buyer's Guide - Air Springs, Helper/ Overload Springs, & Airless Springs

Air Springs, Healper/ Overload Springs, & Airless Springs

These load leveling and spring assist systems will keep your vehicle level, balance off-center loads, reduce suspension fatigue, reduce suspension bottoming, and increase overall vehicle stability and handling. If you tow or haul a trailer and want the most out of your tow rig, we have a system designed for your towing or hauling requirements.

About Air Lift Company Suspension Kits Air Lift Adjustable Air Helper Springs - Defeat a Sagging Ride Air Lift Load Support Applications - Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Vans Air Lift Suspension Solutions for Lifted & Lowered Vehicles
Spring / System Type Installation Time / Notes Load Adjustability Ride Quality / On & Off Road Performance Towing / Hauling Performance Warranty
Air Springs 1 to 2 hour install time. Some kits require drilling. Fully adjustable depending on load. Side to side adjustable. OE Ride without Load Double bellow air springs provide up to 5,000 pounds of leveling capacity. Limited Lifetime Warranty
Leaf Spring Helpers 30 minute to 1 hour install time. No drilling or special tools required. Self-adjusting with or without load. Stock Factory Ride Heavy-duty models provide up to 5,000 pounds of leveling capacity. Limited Lifetime Warranty
Airless Assist Springs 30 minute to 1 hour install time. No drilling or special tools required. Adjustable using provided spacers. OE Ride without Load Up to 3,000 pounds of leveling capacity per pair. Limited Lifetime Warranty

Air Springs

    • Firestone Ride-Rite™ Air Spring Kits
    • Firestone Sport-Rite™ Air Spring Kits
    • Sport-Rite™ Air Springs are the answer to all your ride performance needs. These air springs mount between the frame and the suspension, utilizing a state of the art, OEM, tapered air spring. Sport-Rite kits enhance the ride while empty or loaded. The tapered style air spring will support up to 3,000 lbs per set. Many kits feature a quick no-drill simple bolt-on installation. Your kit may vary depending on the application.

    • Firestone Coil-Rite™ Air Spring Kits
    • Coil-Rite™ air helper springs mount inside an existing open coil spring suspension. These air springs provide adjustable spring rates far superior to the standard coil spring. The durable polyurethane air springs will support 500-1,000 lbs per set. Do not exceed the vehicle's recommended gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). Coil-Rite™ air helper springs are made of durable polyurethane to withstand the rigors of coil spring suspensions. Your kit may vary depending on the application.

    • Air Lift LoadLifter 5000
      Air Lift
      Air Lift
    • Air Lift Ride Control
      Air Lift
      Air Lift
    • Air Lift 1000
      Air Lift
      Air Lift
    • Air Lift 1000 Series rear air spring kits are designed to adjust the level of the vehicle while towing or hauling heavy loads. They include all necessary hardware and feature durable components. This kit eliminates sag and features up to 1000 pounds of leveling capacity. It installs inside coil springs to eliminate bottoming out and is highly durable. Each kit comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Leaf Spring Helpers

    • Hellwig Leaf Spring Helpers & Assist Springs
    • Hellwig has four lines of progressive rate, leaf spring, helper springs to meet your individual towing and hauling needs. Whether you occasionally tow a small trailer or a large fifth-wheel trailer, Hellwig has a spring for you.

    • SuperSprings Leaf Spring Helpers / Assist Springs
    • SuperSprings leaf spring helpers are easily and quickly installed directly above the vehicle’s rear leaf springs. They work in parallel with the vehicle’s existing suspension system and kick-in on demand. The increased spring-rate produced by installing SuperSprings helps eliminate vehicle rear-end sag and improves towing capabilities. The unique anti-sway properties of SuperSprings assist springs reduce body roll, providing enhanced driver safety and control. These features are most noticeable when cornering, encountering strong cross winds, or dealing with wind buffeting from other traffic.

Airless Assist Springs

    • Firestone Work-Rite™ Load Assist Spring Kit
    • This product is not an air-assist product and is designed for heavily loaded vehicles that usually carry a heavy load. The progressive load-deflection characteristics of the new Firestone Work-Rite kit will smooth your ride when your vehicle is fully loaded and won’t compromise your ride when it’s not. Features include:

      • Injection-molded microcellular urethane
      • Base polymer developed specifically for the automotive environment
      • Low temperature flexibility to -63°C
      • High-repeated compression resistance
      • Progressive load-deflection characteristics for smooth ride quality
      • 6 separate spring-geometry and stiffness combinations (not a one-size-fits-all solution)
      • Most Work-Rite kits are a no-drill design
    • Air Lift AirCell
      Air Lift
      Air Lift
    • The Air Lift AirCell, a microcellular urethane spring, is a lower cost, no-maintenance product to reduce sag and improve ride in constantly loaded vehicles. Easy to install, most AirCell springs mount between the frame and axle/spring in place of a jounce bumper. They provide a better ride than rubber load supports or steel overload springs and are half the cost of most steel overload springs. Tough and long-lasting, AirCell springs are made from the same rugged material as factory jounce bumpers.

      AirCell is engineered by Air Lift, the air suspension leader, especially for vehicles that maintain constant loads such as work trucks, fleet, and delivery vehicles. They're great for anyone whose truck is always loaded and wants load support and ride quality at a very affordable price. Rear kits keep heavily-loaded pickups level and greatly improve ride, while front kits provide support for trucks with snow plows or other heavy front equipment.

    • SuperSprings Sumo Airless Load Assist Springs
    • SuperSprings Sumo Airless Load Assist Springs are manufactured from an advanced high-grade closed-cell polyurethane foam that is ideal for the tough truck underbody environment. The product underwent testing in extreme conditions ranging from blistering US desert summer days to the frigid Canadian winter nights. Combining heavy loads with extreme terrain and temperature conditions over eighteen months of testing ensures their performance in any similar conditions our customers might encounter.

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