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Truck Parts Home » Buyer's Guide » Drivetrain - U-Joints And Drive Shafts

U-Joints And Drive Shafts

U-Joints and drive shafts are one of the components that are usually overlooked when building a wheeler. Their failure can be not only dangerous at highway speeds but can be a real trip ender on the trail. Here we offer some of the top names in the U-Joint and Drive Shaft industry to help keep you on and off the road with confidence that you are properly equipped.

U-Joints And Drive Shafts Overview

Axle U-Joints

    • Alloy USA Axle U-Joints
      Alloy USA
    • Unlike other extreme duty U-Joints, Alloy USA still uses the O.E.M style needle bearings instead of bushings to maintain the street ability on vehicles not equipped with locking hubs. Alloy USA Extreme Duty Axle U-Joints are a great way to increase the strength and reliability of your stock or aftermarket axles.

    • CTM Axle U-Joints
    • CTM U-Joints use a bronze sleeve instead of needle bearings to prevent brinelling to the trunions. Without the needles taking up so much space, CTM was able to increase the trunion size for added strength. Comes with full circle snap rings that prevent failure due to lost c-clips.

    • Dana Spicer Heavy Duty Axle U-Joints
      Dana Spicer
    • Dana Spicer Heavy Duty Axle U-Joints are a serviceable replacement for your original equipment J-Joints. Dana Spicer has a reputation for quality and consistency and has been an O.E.M. supplier of U-Joints practically since the invention of the truck.

    • Dana Spicer PermaLube Axle U-Joints
      Dana Spicer
    • The Dana Spicer line of PermaLube U-Joints features a superior forged body with no lube channel to help prevent breakage from today's high performance engines and big tires. These U-Joints feature an improved seal to prevent water from entering the U-Joint and washing out the grease.

    • J.E. Reel H2O Proof Axle U-Joints
      J.E. Reel
    • J.E. Reel's cryogenically-treated, high-strength steel alloy is up to 40% stronger than O.E. Spicer U-Joints. The H2O proofing comes from a specially designed seal that keeps the grease in and water out. These U-Joints feature full circle snap rings and heavy-duty needle bearings for street and off road use.

Drive Shaft U-Joints

    • Dana Spicer Heavy Duty U-Joints
      Dana Spicer
    • The Dana Spicer line of replacement heavy-duty U-Joints is serviceable, which means it has an extended service life. When it comes time to replace your drive shaft U-Joints, go with Dana Spicer U-Joints that have been trusted by automotive O.E.M.s for over 50 years.

    • Dana Spicer PermaLube U-Joints
      Dana Spicer
    • Dana Spicer upgraded PermaLube U-Joints feature improved seals to prevent water from entering the U-Joint, causing premature failure of the needle bearings. These U-Joints feature a superior forged body and do not have a lube channel to prevent breakage.

    • Dana Spicer Cross Over U-Joints
      Dana Spicer
    • These unique U-Joints have two different series on the same joint to allow you to adapt drive shafts to different drivetrain components that don’t share the same size U-Joint. These U-Joints are available in most popular sizes.

    • J.E. Reel H2O Proof U-Joints
      J.E. Reel
    • J.E. Reel has developed a specialty seal that is designed to keep the water out and their specialty high pressure grease in. These U-Joints are forged from a cryogenic treated, high strength steel alloy to produce a U-Joint that is stronger than O.E.M. U-Joints.

Drive Shafts

    • Explorer Pro Comp C/V Style Drive Shaft
      Explorer Pro Comp
    • Explorer ProComp C/V Style drive shafts are designed to work perfectly with their suspension systems. No longer do you have to attempt to find a driveshaft shop in your area that is competent enough to lengthen your shaft. We have these high quality all new shafts on the shelf ready to go that will fit right and work correctly the first time.

    • Skyjacker Drive Shaft
      Skyjacker Drive Shaft
    • Skyjacker CV Style Drive Shafts are designed for lifted vehicles and made to work in conjunction with Skyjacker's transfer case Fixed Yoke Kit. These custom all new driveshafts are built to Skyjacker's demanding specifications for proper fitment.

    • Fabtech Drive Shaft
    • Fabtech Heavy duty C/V style drive shafts, which may be necessary for use with some of their lift kits, are custom built with all new parts to give you the piece of mind that your truck or Jeep is built to Fabtech's demanding specifictions. They will function the way they are designed too.

    • Currie Enterprises Drive Shaft
    • These high-quality, heavy-duty drive shafts from Currie Enterprises feature a 1310 series CV joint at the transfer case end to work with their transfer case short shaft conversion kit. Each all new driveshaft is built with trusted Dana Spicer components for durability.

    • Superlift Drive Shaft
    • These Superlift drive shaft are designed to provide vibration-free operation, which is the key to a usable on and off road vehicle. When combined with Superlift's Slip Yoke Eliminator kit, these rugged double cardinal style CV Driveshafts will provide smooth operation on the street and will take the abuse the toughest trails can dish out.

    • Trailmaster Drive Shaft
    • Many times when lifting your truck you will require a custom drive shaft to finish the installation. These off-the-shelf, heavy-duty drive shafts are custom designed to fit the Trailmaster applications perfectly. Each driveshaft is manufactured from all new components and high speed balanced for trouble-free motoring.

Tailshaft Conversion

    • Pro Comp Short Shaft Kit
      Pro Comp
    • Pro Comp Short Shaft/Slip Yoke Eliminator kits combined with a CV style drive shaft help eliminate driveline vibration associated with suspension lifts. This kit shortens the transfer case, allowing you to run a 4-inch longer CV style drive shaft and reduce driveline angle and vibration.

    • Superlift Fixed Yoke Kit
    • Superlift Slip Yoke Eliminators allow the use of a bolt-on rear driveshaft yoke in place of the slip yoke design. This kit includes a larger diameter, heavy-duty, 32-spline output shaft, the use of needle bearings instead of journal bushings, and a pressure-sealed bearing housing. That makes this kit a no-brainer for the serious off-roader. The use of a transfer case lowering kit is no longer required, resulting in increased ground clearance.

    • Skyjacker Slip Yoke Eliminator
    • Skyjacker Slip Yoke Eliminators allow you to run a bolt-down CV style drive shaft that is 4 inches longer than your factory set up. The longer drive shaft installation length reduces driveline angles and the chance of vibration at highway speeds.

    • Currie Tail Shaft Conversion Kit
    • Currie tail shaft kits are designed to eliminate the slip yoke and allow for the use of a 4" longer CV style drive shaft. This design decreases the angle of the driveshaft so that you can lift your Jeep without lowering your skid plate, providing greater ground clearance and spline contact.

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