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Ring and Pinion - Buyer's Guide

When it comes to vehicle performance, the importance of having the right ring and pinion cannot be stressed enough. These components make all the difference in how your vehicle performs, whether you're looking for maximum, out-of-the-hole performance or fuel economy. When you increase the overall wheel and tire diameter on your vehicle, it's crucial to consider upgrading your ring and pinion. As your tire size is increased, your effective gear ratio is reduced. This results in slower acceleration and removing your vehicle from its power band.

  • G2 Axle & Gear Ring and Pinions

    G2 Performance utilizes the latest technology to develop and manufacture premium-quality ring and pinion sets for performance applications, and for today's more sophisticated vehicles. With the knowledge that this equipment will be used in the harshest of environments, G2 engineers forge gears from high-quality steel to ensure reliability and consistent performance.

  • Motive Gear Standard Performance Ring and Pinions

    The Motive Gear Stock Performance is premium, light-duty, OE-quality replacement ring and pinion. It is made of CNC-machined, 8620 steel, and subjected to computer-controlled heat treatment. Motive Gear is an excellent choice for both on and off road applications. These gears are found in everyday automobiles, trucks, and vans.

  • Dana Spicer Ring and Pinions

    Dana Spicer Ring and Pinions Kits are the same gears that came in your Dana axle from the factory. These are available in most popular performance and replacement ratios. The kits come with all appropriate parts, except differential bearings, so you can properly install your gear without an installation kit. The differential bearings are sold separately.

  • Superior Axle & Gear Ring and Pinions

    Superior Axle & Gear ring and pinion gears are premium quality, from start to finish. They start with the purest 8620 gear steel forgings available in the US and Europe. Computer-controlled machining is followed by the latest gear-cutting technology and superior heat treating. Each gear is finished with extra lapping for an ideal contact pattern and smoother, quieter operation.

  • Alloy USA Ring and Pinions

    These affordable, high strength gear sets come in all the popular ratios to satisfy everyone's gearing needs. Oversized tires require higher ring and pinion ratios to restore performance. Made from high quality, 8620 forgings using Gleason gear-cutting technology, these gears are made to last. They're covered by an exclusive, three-year warranty. You can purchase complete overhaul kits separately to finish the job.

  • G2 Axle Master Installation Kits

    G2 Axle Differential Master Installation Kit includes all the parts necessary to rebuild your differential properly. This kit comes with Timken bearings, National seals, a complete shim kit, crush sleeve (if applicable), ring gear bolts, cover gasket, and gear-marking compound in one complete package. That means no emergency trips across town to the all-night auto parts store.

  • G2 Axle Differential Installation Kits

    G2 Axle Differential Installation Kit includes all the small parts necessary to rebuild your differential. This kit comes with a complete shim kit, crush sleeve (if applicable), ring gear bolts, cover gasket, and gear-marking compound in one complete package.

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