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Turbochargers and Intercoolers

Turbos are an integral part of today’s modern diesel engines and are a major reason that they are able to produce more power. Unlike a supercharger that is driven via a belt from your engine, a turbo takes the exhaust that your engine is producing and puts it to good use. Exhaust enters the turbo from your headers and spins an impeller. The intake housing has one impeller and the exhaust side has another. The impeller on the intake side pressurizes your intake system and creates boost, which essentially raises the compression ratio of your engine, raising horsepower and torque.

As turbos are driven by exhaust, heat is an unwelcome byproduct and something that wasn’t really taken into account in automobiles until the 1980s. It was then that intercoolers started to come into play in turbocharged automobiles. An intercooler is a heat exchanger. There are two types, air-to-air and air-to-liquid. The forced air produced by the turbocharger is routed through the intercooler where its temperature is reduced before reaching the engine. The use of intercoolers has made turbocharged vehicles far more reliable and, in the case of today’s heavy duty diesel trucks, is a very important component.

Remanufactured Turbos

Let’s face it, your factory turbo isn’t going to last forever. By the time your truck hits 100,000 miles, it’s seen more abuse than your gut after the company's chili cook-off. Between hauling heavy loads, traversing steep grades with said loads, and all the heat a turbo is subjected to, they’re bound to fail. When they do, you’re often left with little alternative but to visit your local dealer and sign over the deed to your house. Well, it’s not really that bad, but you get my point. Well cheer up, because there actually are options and more are in the works.

The companies you’ve been looking to for your vehicle upgrades have recognized a need and are working to fill it. Remanufactured turbos are now available for Ford, GM, and Dodge. These remanufactured turbos are built to factory specs and receive the same precision and care that your favorite manufacturers put into their high performance turbos. They even offer performance versions of your stock turbo. From the outside the turbo appears stock, but inside it has been tweaked to provide more power, faster spool-up, and improved efficiency.

  • 100% OEM appearance
  • Available for GM, Ford and Dodge
  • Precision balanced
  • Costs Less then dealer-supplied turbos
  • BD Diesel Remanufactured Turbocharger

    Is your factory turbo going out? Are you looking to replace it, but don't want to due to the high dollars that the dealers want? Well look no further, because BD Diesel has you covered. These factory replacement turbos are remanufactured with the same precision and attention to detail that BD Diesel puts into all its turbos. If you're looking for a little more oomph, but still want that factory turbo look, take a look at BD's performance line of factory turbos.

    • 100% factory look and performance
    • Costs Less
    • Precision balanced
  • BD Diesel Performance Remanufactured Turbocharger

    These factory turbos from BD Diesel give you the factory look with the performance gains you crave. BD takes the factory turbo and tweaks it internally to maximize its potential. All upgrades are made to provide better response and horsepower gains. So if you've got a factory turbo that's on its way out, check out these performance factory units from BD Diesel.

    • 100% factory appearance
    • Increased horsepower
    • Increased response
    • More performance for less money

Back to TopUpgraded Turbos: Why choose one?

By definition, the amount of power that a diesel engine can make is directly proportional to the amount of fuel injected into the cylinder. In order to combust and combust efficiently (i.e., without smoke), the engine needs air and lots of it! To be exact, it needs about 18 times more (by mass). This is where the turbo comes in. Its whole purpose is to shove air into that engine, and the more air you can shove, the more efficient your engine will be. Stock turbos are chosen conservatively by manufacturers, and a little too conservatively at times. Today’s diesels are capable of a lot more and it does not come at the cost of reliability. There are many reasons to upgrade your stock turbo and they don’t all involve competition.

  • Better towing performance: While the stock turbo may seem adequate on most days, there are situations where you’ve probably found it lacking, especially when hauling heavy loads. An upgraded turbo, along with the right tune will allow you to get up to highway speeds more quickly and maintain those speeds no matter the terrain.
  • Decreased lag: Factory turbochargers can often be a bit laggy, taking a while for the power to truly come on. Aftermarket turbos are generally designed to reduce lag and increase the amount of usable power.
  • Smoother performance: Some factory turbos can seem like an on/off switch. You're either on boost or off. Aftermarket turbos can offer a smoother, more linear power/torque curve helping to reduce the whiplash effect.
  • Better reliability: Many of us have tuned our diesel rigs to gain a little extra power. Stock turbos have some additional room for increased power, but they can easily and quickly reach their peak. Once this happens, efficiency begins to drop and temperatures start to rise. This creates a snowball effect as the turbocharger system is a big loop. Compressor discharge temps increase, creating higher intake and exhaust temps, which creates even higher compressor discharge temps which...well, you get the point.
  • Banks Quick-Turbo Assembly

    Banks developed the Quick-Turbo in conjunction with the Holset turbocharger and Cummins Engine companies, to eliminate sluggishness "out of the hole" and produce strong acceleration. Quick-Turbo produces massive torque right from idle, achieves a higher peak faster, maintains more boost through the power band, and doesn't over-boost. Banks' exclusive BigHead wastegate actuator prevents "wastegate blow-open" by keeping the valve seated at higher pressures, increasing mid-range torque and top-end power. Banks corrects boost-level limits with a high-boost compressor wheel, built for higher boost levels without compromising turbo performance.

    • Quicker spool up
    • Reduced lag
    • Produces massive torque
    • Doesn’t over-boost
  • Banks Sidewinder Turbo System

    The ultimate upgrade for classic diesels is a Sidewinder turbocharging system. Banks' waste-gated Sidewinder turbo unleashes gains up to 82 hp and 143 lb-ft. torque. You'll hardly recognize Ol' Betsy: with Banks' turbocharging technology onboard, she'll tow up the grade 53% quicker, and provide up to a phenomenal 29% fuel economy improvement at that. No smoke!

  • BD Diesel High Performance Turbos

    If you’re looking for big power, faster spool up, and everyday reliability, look no further than BD Diesel’s high performance turbocharger lines. BD Diesel manufactures high performance turbos for GM, Ford, and Dodge diesel pickups. These easy-to-install units are designed to deliver the power you want with the reliability you need.

    • BD Diesel Turbo Thruster upgrade kit
    • BD Diesel SuperMax Turbo kit
    • BD Diesel Super B Single Turbo kit
    • BD Diesel Super B Twin Turbo kit
    • BD Diesel Super B Special Turbo kit

Back to TopIntercoolers

As the heat exchanger of the modern turbo system, the intercooler plays a very important role in helping maintain reliability. Factory intercoolers can tend to be restrictive and sometimes ineffective when it comes to big power applications. This is why so many aftermarket intercooler options exist. Aftermarket intercoolers flow more and cool more, allowing you to make more power safely.

  • Increased cooling capacity
  • Increased flow
  • Increased air density
  • Thicker, more robust cores
  • Better mpg
  • aFe Blade Runner Intercooler

    Blade Runner intercoolers represent the next generation of intercoolers. The Blade Runner intercoolers utilize a 3" bar and plate design that outperforms OE-style, tube-and-fin core designs. The end tanks are constructed out of 3/16' TIG-welded aluminum plate tanks that incorporate three multi-directional vanes that efficiently direct air flow through the entire core for maximum cooling. The Blade Runner intercooler also comes with 4 1/8" pre-tapped ports for easy gauge installation, as well as other auxiliary input options.

    The Blade Runner Intercooler is tested at 200 psi, which is perfect for high-boost applications. In recent testing, the Blade Runner intercooler produced a 200-degree temperature drop and a 100-degree EGT (exhaust gas temperature) drop as well as increasing air flow by 30%. This unit also comes with the aFe intercooler tube for additional air flow gains.

    Don't waste your time and money on modified factory intercoolers. Invest in the aFe Blade Runner intercooler, the most sophisticated intercooler design on the planet.

    • 3“ bar and plate design
    • 3/16” aluminum end tanks
    • Tested at 200 psi
    • Increases air flow up to 30%
  • Banks Techni-Cooler Intercooler

    Move over, pipsqueak!
    The stock intercooler has an inferiority complex. No wonder — it’s smaller than Techni-Cooler in every aspect: boost tubes, core area, inlet/outlet, and even the end tanks. Plus, most competitors use poorly designed sheet metal end tanks and provide inadequate flow volume.

    Banks cranks up the volume!
    Banks improves airflow into and out of the intercooler with big mandrel-bent, 3” boost tubes; large, rugged, high-efficiency, cast end tanks that won’t rupture under high-boost conditions; a huge inlet and outlet; and a 25% larger core area with a whopping 34% improvement in volume.

    The king of cool!
    Removing restrictions and improving airflow lowers boost air temps. This increases the density and oxygen content of air entering the engine, which amplifies power, lowers EGTs, and improves fuel economy. And when EGTs are tamed, the tuner doesn’t need to limit fuel delivery. So you get higher continuous, useable power, and more power at any EGT. Very cool!

  • BD Diesel Cool-It Intercooler

    More Surface Area, Better Flow, Reduced Inlet Temperature!
    Compressed air is heated air, and when you mix high boost pressure with an aggressive fuel curve, the result can be inlet temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s why BD developed the new Cool-It Intercooler. An intercooler functions identically to a radiator except instead of water, compressed (and therefore heated) air passes through the intercooler’s core. Meanwhile, ambient air passes through the external fins, removing excess heat energy. Cooler air is denser, and therefore the engine can benefit from more pounds of air for a given amount of time. With 57% more cooling surface area and a 33% thicker core, the Cool-It increases cooling efficiency to approximately 90%, compared to only 70% for the stock intercooler. That can mean a temperature reduction of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit!

    • 57% more cooling area
    • 33% thicker core
    • 90% efficiency
    • Up to 200-degree temperature reduction

Back to TopTurbo Accessories

So you've upgraded your turbo, intercooler, and exhaust system, but are you getting the maximum benefits possible from those upgrades? All of those upgrades demand increased air and fuel to achieve maximum power. These accessories from aFe, Banks, and BD Diesel will help increase your fuel and air flow, yielding better power gains.

  • Banks BigHead Wastegate

    When turbo exhaust back pressure increases, the stock actuator prematurely blows off the seat, softening boost in the mid-range and killing torque. With twice the diaphragm area and spring pressure of the stock waste gate, Banks BigHead Wastegate Actuator keeps the valve seated longer and achieves a higher peak boost, sooner. At peak, BigHead opens the waste gate and holds its position, for precise boost control that gives you crisp acceleration and more mid-range pulling power.

  • Banks High-Boost Compressor Wheel

    By replacing your factory compressor wheel, you will be able to eliminate surge problems and improve turbo performance at high boost levels.

    • Eliminates compressor surge common in stock 1999.5-2003 Ford Power Strokes
    • Improves turbo performance at higher boost levels
    • Two-year warranty
  • BD Diesel Turbo Compressor Wheel

    BD Diesel’s replacement compressor wheel for stock turbochargers on 1999.5-2003, 7.3L Power Strokes eliminates the compressor surge that is common for these applications. By also offering more airflow at upper boost levels, this upgrade breathes new life into your stock turbo and allows for more efficient output when using mild power-increasing modules and tuners.

    • Eliminates compressor surge common in stock 1999.5-2003 Ford Power Strokes
    • Improves turbo performance at higher boost levels
    • Two-year warranty
  • Banks High-Ram Intake

    An intercooler increases air density, allowing your engine to produce more power. So you wouldn't want to restrict the flow of air exiting the intercooler, right? Unfortunately, that's exactly what the stock piece does. If you compare the two units side-by-side, you can see how cramped and angular the factory inlet is compared to Banks' larger, streamlined cast-metal High-Ram. Banks' High-Ram intake flows air much more efficiently, providing greater boost without the drawback of raising turbine backpressure. In flow tests, the High-Ram intake delivers up to a 64% reduction in pressure loss. You'll enjoy improved acceleration and better fuel economy! Includes a 3.5", constant-diameter boost tube to flow the air from the intercooler without restriction.

  • Banks Big Hoss Intake Manifold

    A Banks Racing product, the Big Hoss Intake Manifold is the world's first high-performance manifold for GM and Dodge diesels. It provides tremendous flow and uniform air distribution for more available power at a given boost level.

  • aFe Bladerunner Turbo Inlet Tube

    The Bladerunner manifold kit is constructed of cast A356-T6 aluminum and features the patented MDV (Multiple Directional Vane) technology, which helps increase intake velocity for increased flow, lower EGTs, improved mpg, and faster turbo spool-up times. These systems contain one Bladerunner intake manifold, which outflows the factory unit by 18%, and one Bladerunner turbo outlet manifold that outflows the factory unit by 15%. This is a direct, bolt-on system with all hardware and brackets requires for an easy installation. These manifolds also come with 1/8" NPT ports for nitrous, gauges, or testing probes.

  • BD Diesel X-Flow Power Intake Elbow

    Improve your throttle response with BD’s large bulbous intake plenum, which holds extra reserve air available to improve turbo response time on acceleration. The smooth radius turns reduces airflow turbulence.

    BD’s unique design positions the fastening bolts outside of the intake (instead of through it) and reduces airflow turbulence. The improved turbo response time can be measured with horsepower when calculating time to speed.

    Two convenient ports (one pre-tapped) make it easy to monitor boost and/or inject nitrous oxide or another power adder. Now available in both black powdercoat and highly polished aluminum finishes. Use it with one of BD's X-Intake air systems for even greater airflow!

  • BD Diesel Flow-MaX Lift Pump Kits

    BD’s new Flow-MaX lift pump has been designed to deliver ample fuel flow for more than 600 hp, yet is more compact, quieter, and more durable than competitive products. Featuring a hard anodized aluminum body and proven gerotor design, the Flow-MaX flows 150 gallons per hour (gph) at 10 psi, and up to 165 gph at full flow. It’s the ideal replacement for the OEM pump, which can fail even at the stock horsepower level and cause damage to the injection pump.

    • 150 gph at 10 psi; 165 gph at full flow
    • Proven gerotor design reduces the number of moving parts for greater reliability
    • Poppet pressure regulator is superior to ball-and-spring designs
    • 10% smaller and 16 dB quieter than competitive products
    • Covered by a five-year limited warranty
  • BD Diesel Performance Fuel Injectors

    Replace your stock injectors with BD’s flow-enhanced exchange fuel injectors. These injectors feature a new nozzle design with orifices created by an EDM machine for the highest degree of accuracy. Each orifice is then de-burred through an abrasive extrusion process that enhances both fuel flow and atomization.

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