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Hi-Lift Jack 48 inch Jack
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Hi-Lift Jack Accessories

Hi-Lift Jack Jack Accessory Kit
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Hi-Lift Jack Handle Keeper

Hi-Lift Jack Handle Keeper
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As an off-road enthusiast, you know the importance of preparing for the rough road ahead. You wouldn't head off through the Gobi desert, the rugged Scottish Highlands or the jungles of Borneo without being properly equipped for the journey. Why not add a Hi-Lift jack to your ensemble of specialty tools in your Jeep, truck or SUV so you'll be ready for whatever situation you find yourself in on your next adventure? Shop our collection of jacks from a recognized leader in the industry and stow it away in your vehicle until you need it.

Versatility and Strength
For an off-road recovery tool that pushes, pulls, lifts and winches, you need a Hi Lift jack to take with you on your next off-road adventure. Available in a variety of lengths and models such as cast steel, all-cast, X-treme and Patriot, you get a lightweight survival tool that packs a lot of punch. There's even the UTV model that is the perfect size for UTV's but is equipped with the muscle of a full-sized model. Instead of a one-piece design that bends easily with lateral pressure during lifting, Hi Lift manufactures jacks with a two-piece socket and handle design for strength and durability that won't easily bend under pressure. This rugged tool will handle whatever situation you throw at it and is a must-have for any off-road enthusiast. Ask our staff for help in selecting the right one for you.

Quality and Savings
Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we believe in offering high-quality products at unbeatable prices. That includes our Hi Lift jacks. With our everyday low prices and free shipping on qualifying orders over $75, you'll save when you shop with us. And our 100% price match guarantee up to 90 days after purchase is valid on all our products curated from over 600 manufacturers, putting savings squarely in your hands. Purchase your jack today to be prepared for the trails ahead.

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Hi-Lift Jack 48" Cast & Steel Jack - HL-484

4.4 4.4 (33)


Hi-Lift Jack 48 Inch Cast & Steel Jack - HL-484
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Hi-Lift Jack 48" X-Treme Jack - XT-485

4.7 4.7 (7)


Hi-Lift Jack 48 Inch X-Treme Jack - XT-485

Hi-Lift Jack 48" All Cast Jack - HL-485

4.7 4.7 (32)


Hi-Lift Jack 48 Inch All Cast Jack - HL-485
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Hi-Lift Jack Off-Road Jack Base - ORB


Hi-Lift Jack Off-Road Jack Base - ORB
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Hi-Lift Jack Patriot Edition 48" All Cast Jack - PAT-485


Hi-Lift Jack Patriot Edition 48 Inch All Cast Jack - PAT-485
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Hi-Lift Jack 60" X-Treme Jack - XT-605

4.8 4.8 (19)


Hi-Lift Jack 60 Inch X-Treme Jack - XT-605

Hi-Lift Jack Handle Keeper (Black) - HK-B

4.1 4.1 (8)


Hi-Lift Jack Handle Keeper (Black) - HK-B
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Hi-Lift Jack 60" Cast and Steel Jack - HL-604

4.2 4.2 (6)


Hi-Lift Jack 60 Inch Cast and Steel Jack - HL-604

Hi-Lift Jack 42" UTV Jack - UTV-424


Hi-Lift Jack 42 Inch UTV Jack - UTV-424
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Hi-Lift Jack 36" Cast & Steel Jack - HL-364

5.0 5.0 (1)


Hi-Lift Jack 36 Inch Cast & Steel Jack - HL-364
You take care of your off-road vehicle, and have the best quality parts in it, but even the most well maintained vehicle can run into problems in a busy day of off-road adventuring. When you're out in parts unknown and something goes wrong underneath your vehicle, it's important to be able to get your vehicle up off the ground so you can assess what's gone wrong and make any repairs necessary to get it moving again. You need to know you can rely on your jack when you use it, that's why we stock the Hi-Lift Jack. Trail jacks are a fundamental part of safely working on your vehicle, and with Hi-Lift you know that you can count on your jack to keep your vehicle elevated until you are done working underneath it.

Easy to Use, Safe to Rely On
When the time comes that you need to lift your vehicle up while out on the trails, Hi-Lift jacks make it as easy as can be. The jack slips in under your vehicle, then elevates with the help of a lever. Your jack makes it so easy it only takes one arm to move the lever, allowing you to use your second to help stabilize the jack as you crank it up. Once locked in place, your jack is not going anywhere until you release the safety the bolt, so you don't have to keep an eye on your jack while you work.

Don't Overpay with Our Guarantee
Nobody wants to overpay for their accessories, and at 4 Wheel Parts we set out to ensure you never do. We offer a 90-day price match guarantee on all parts and accessories we sell. If you see the traction pads you bought available for less, we will make up the difference so that you know you got the best rates when you shopped with us.

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