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    Raceline Wheels Rockcrusher Series Chrome Wheels

    Raceline Wheels Rockcrusher Series Chrome Wheels

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    Whether you have a daily driver or you're a weekend warrior who wants to make a definitive statement, we have a staggering selection of wheels in stock to choose from. Solid steel, alloy and forged style wheels from popular brands like Pro Comp, Mickey Thompson and LRG can take off-road punishment and make your 4x4 easy on the eyes. Thicker welds and fitments maximize clearance to allow you to run those oversized tires you've had an eye on. Complement those tires with stylish wheels stand out on trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. Just like you trust your feet to walk you up steps, you better trust your wheels to get you up a mountain. If you don't have the right base to tackle the most aggressive terrain, your off-roading days are numbered. Fortunately, 4WheelParts.com has the selection and pricing you need to get the best truck and jeep wheels on the market. Get your rig fixed up with an awesome product, such as the Pro Comp Alloy Wheels Series 1609, then confidently head to your favorite off-roading paradise.

    The Wonderful World of Wheels
    Those who drive casually look for the best price. Recreational drivers like yourself need the best product, though affordability never hurts. At 4WheelParts.com, we have you covered on both fronts. With all the best brands, from Lrg Rims to Method Racing Wheels, any wheel for sale on our site deserves to be on your rig. We offer great prices on all the best brands, making it easy to find a wheel that's not just affordable but exactly what you need for your truck or jeep. The right wheel drastically improves performances and gives longevity to other parts of your vehicle, making this upgrade a must for jeep, truck and SUV owners.

    A Great Time To Buy
    New wheels are best purchased before the old ones fail, and the prices and products at 4 Wheel Parts offer great incentive to buy now. With exceptional inventory and multiple locations that enable quick shipping, you don't have to wait long before you're ready hit the road with a brand new set of wheels. We offer free shipping on a variety of purchases, plus great discounts and a price match guarantee when you find a better deal. We work hard to get our clients the exact products they need, and the vast number of brands we keep in stock is evidence of that effort. We've got the wheels and prices you want, so go ahead and order now.

    A Lighter Experience
    Because Robby Gordon rims are made of aluminum alloy, they're generally rather light, especially when compared to other clunky steel wheels. This means you'll have better acceleration, better speeds and even better cornering ability with these wheels installed on your truck, Jeep, SUV or car. These improved specs boost your chances of winning on the race course, and generally help you get to your next destination more quickly than ever before.

    The Stylish Choice
    Aluminum alloy pieces like Robby Gordon UTV wheels also have a more stylish appearance overall. Because the materials used in construction are more lightweight, they can be formed into more complex, interesting shapes, adding a dash of real flair to your ride. RG wheels display powdercoated black finishes and chrome rivets that offer a bit of rough and tough flavor to any type of vehicle.

    Build Your Off-Roading Fund
    At 4WheelParts.com, we're off-roaders too, and we know what a challenge it can be to get the upgrade parts you need without destroying your off-roading fund in the process. That's why we offer a low price guarantee on our Robby Gordon wheels 17x8 and every other product we sell. If you find a lower price anywhere else, we'll match it and put a bit of cash back in your pocket. The offer stands for up to 90 days after your purchase- if you find a better bargain within this period of time, we'll send you a check to refund you the difference.

    Wheels are one of the first things people notice when they see your rig. They can say a lot about how you spend your time, whether it's off-roading, backcountry driving or living it up on the pavement. Alloy truck wheels offer flair and performance for light to medium duty trucks. Improved fuel economy and advanced styling make them appealing for on pavement use with the occasional off-road excursion. However, they may not hold up under hard use.

    Steel Truck Wheels
    Off-road steel wheels use heavy-duty materials and solid construction, which provides durability. The consistent composition may result in less wobbling than what is typical for cast and machined alloys. Since steel is more malleable than aluminum, wheels may bend instead of cracking or breaking, allowing them to perform in extreme conditions and hammer them back into shape if needed.

    Unsprung Weight
    Steel truck rims may be the wheel of choice for hardcore off-roading applications. Steel wheels are heavier than aluminum, which can result in lowering the vehicle's center of gravity. When paired with a heavy-duty suspension system, this can be an advantage when rock crawling or driving on snow and ice. Extra friction is gained as more of the tire is making contact with the surface, reducing slippage and enabling performance tires to bite the ground better.

    Upgrade to Fierce
    Black steel wheels can make any rig look fierce and sophisticated at the same time. A variety of bolt patterns and sizes are available in gloss or flat finishes. A full range of backspace and offset combinations can work with many upgraded components and systems to give your truck a unique look while meeting your off-road needs.

    Steel Wheels
    Steel is a popular choice for winter tires where snow and ice require durability and strength. These low cost, low maintenance off-road wheels may bend but are not likely to crack under pressure. Steelies can be a huge benefit on the primitive trails, as you can hammer them back to the point where they can hold air. They have a lower center of gravity, so it's easier to keep the shiny side up when rock crawling.

    Aluminum Wheels
    Two of the most common types of aluminum alloy wheels are cast and forged. Cast Jeep wheels are high-density and lighter than forged aluminum. They come in a variety of styles to make your rig stand out from the crowd. Forged aluminum wheels are stronger than the cast wheels and can handle the extreme terrain. Both types of aluminum wheels typically give you better fuel economy than steel and enable you to use more horsepower to dig into the ground.

    Offset and Backspacing
    Today's high-performance SUVs and trucks may need high offset brake clearance if the suspension has been upgraded, or if sway bar links are installed. Backspacing is the distance from the hub to the inside lip of the wheel. If backspacing is high, the tire may rub against the interior components. Increasing the offset creates more space between the inner lip and parts. Understanding how the two numbers work together can help you customize your rig's performance and appearance.

    Improving your ride to enhance performance is simply a part of being a dedicated off-roader. One of the first chances that truck and Jeep owners usually make is swapping out their stock wheels for something bigger, better and generally more rugged. If you're looking to upgrade your own wheels and speed is something you value, then Robby Gordon wheels are hard to beat. These products have been tried on race tracks around the country and have proven themselves as some of the fastest, best-looking alloy wheels around.

    We carry an extensive selection of in-stock aluminum and steel wheels from top manufacturers. The 4 Wheel Parts best price policy ensures you won't pay more for the parts you need, guaranteed. Order online or stop by one of our stores to pick up the wheels you need to complete your customized ride. Jeeps are meant to look fierce and turn heads, in the parking lot and on the trail. Customizing with aftermarket Jeep Wrangler wheels makes the rig look beefier and can enhance performance. Steel and aluminum are the most popular options available for off-road wheels, and each has its benefits.

    Our ASE-certified technicians can install jeep TJ wheels, off-road rims and every part we sell. Our everyday low prices and price match guarantee ensure quality parts at the best price.

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    Raceline Wheels Rock Crusher, 15x8 with 5x4.5 Bolt Pattern - Chrome - 887-58012


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    Raceline Wheels Rock Crusher, 15x8 with 5x5.5 Bolt Pattern - Chrome - 887-58055


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    What's your ride of choice: a truck, Jeep or SUV? Whichever one you prefer, you know it's not just a vehicle that gets you from one place to another. It's an off-road warrior, able to give you the time of your life whenever you go mudding, rock crawling or blazing through sand or dirt trails. Ride in style and make sure your machine is always ready to tackle whatever terrain you steer it towards when you equip it with wheels from 4 Wheel Parts. From Jeep wheels to truck wheels for sale at prices that won't break the bank, we have options in different styles and features.

    The Best Wheels
    The wheels we offer are created with the strongest durable materials to meet the standards of drivers like yourself who love to test the limits of their truck, SUV or Jeep. That means all you have to do is make sure the technical details meet the specifications of your own ride for a proper fit and choose the style you want most. Go with flat, gloss or satin black wheels and rims or another finish such as chrome or polish to get the exact look you want to turn heads everywhere you go. From American Force Wheels, to Pro Comp Alloy Wheels, to many other reputable industry brands, we have options for your price range.

    The Best Deals
    Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we're off-road enthusiasts just like you, and we want to give you the best in quality and prices for whatever parts you need for your ride. When you want to buy quality truck, SUV or Jeep wheels online at prices that won't put too much of a dent in your wallet, check out our selection. We back our wheels and other products with best price guarantees so you know you are getting the best deal around. Shop with us today for a fast and simple shopping experience free of stress.

    Over sand and stone, across rocks and brush, through mud and water, your Jeep takes it all in stride thanks to high-quality wheels. Rugged, durable and stylish to boot, a good set of truck wheels will take you anywhere. The factory standard set can get you there on most roads, but serious off-roading demands something more capable. If you're looking to make an upgrade, step up to a larger set, or just replace some rims that have seen better days, 4WheelParts.com is the place to go. We stock the best in the aftermarket for any size and purpose, all at low prices you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

    Keep On Rolling
    Off-road tires are invaluable for jeepers, but they can't deliver the extra performance you need if the wheels can't keep up. Fortunately, you have plenty of options to choose from. Solid steel wheels offer an economic and rugged answer to off-road abuse, with consistent design and hardy materials, while aluminum cast alloy wheels are corrosion resistant and easy to maintain for a perfect look, and their lighter weight complements speed-tuned rigs better. Forged alloy wheels represent the premium option; the manufacturing process leaves them stronger and lighter still than cast alloy wheels.

    The Best Parts at the Best Prices
    If you want to make a statement with new truck rims but are concerned about your budget, you don't need to compromise - turn to 4WheelParts.com first. With low prices across the inventory, a 90 day price match guarantee and free shipping on orders $75 and up, you can make your dream Jeep a reality without straining your bank account. Check out our online catalog and order today, or contact our customer service if you have any questions.

    Wheels for Every Build
    Not every off-roader has the same needs when it comes to building the perfect experience, which is why we offer a variety of different styles and materials in the offroad wheels we sell. Possibly the most important detail to pay attention to when selecting your off road rims is the material used to create them. The majority of our rims are crafted from either light yet durable aluminum alloy, or thick, heavy steel that offers your ride a better anchor when tackling the trails ahead. Make your selection depending on what type of off-roading you usually do to get the most out of your purchase.

    Your Own Personal Look
    You might be replacing your Jeep wheels for utilitarian reasons, but that doesn't mean you can't use the opportunity to spruce up your vehicle's appearance. We offer the hottest Pro Comp, Trail Master, American Racing and Rugged Ridge alloy off road rims, with intricate designs that are sure to make your truck, Jeep or SUV stand out from the pack.

    Better Performance on a Bargain
    Getting offroad rims is never going to be the cheapest upgrade, but when you shop with us at 4WheelParts.com, you can rest assured you're getting the best price possible, regardless of the style, brand and material you choose. We offer an everyday hardware low price guarantee and match any lower prices you might find for up to 90 days after your purchase.

    Top Brands and Great Selection
    Upgrading your rims not only adds years of durability to your vehicle but can give you a great style boost as well. From the quality of Pro Comp wheels to the style of Trail Master wheels, 4 Wheel Parts has the rims you need to improve the longevity and appearance of your wheels. With many sizes and styles available, you'll be sure to find exactly what you need at 4 Wheel parts. Affordable detailing comes on many wheels, so you can find amazing prices for the stylish new wheels you want to install.

    Hot Styles at Affordable Prices
    At 4 Wheel Parts, the thrill of the ride is always a tip priority. You don't want to be bogged down wondering if the parts you're getting are high enough quality to last through rough terrain and hard driving. You can trust 4 Wheel parts for your truck wheels and wheel accessories, knowing that you'll always be getting exactly the part for your vehicle. Get the amazing prices for the wheels and parts you want without the hassle of endless google searches and trips to a dozen stores. Browse online or stop by a 4 Wheel Parts location today.

    Even with the most powerful engine in the world on your side, you won't be going anywhere soon without a set of functional tires on your side. Even then, as an off-roader, you'll need more than a stock, run-of-the-mill set of tires in order to reach those far-away destinations on your map. That's why we offer a wide range of stylish, trail-ready off road wheels at 4 Wheel Parts, along with all the hardware and accessories you need to have them performing at their absolute best on any terrain.

    Our stock comes from trusted manufacturers from Pro Comp to American Racing Wheels, with various size options to fit your rig. For those seeking a fresh style too, you'll find various finishes to choose from - do you want the pristine shine of chrome, or do black steel wheels better suit your ride?

    Your truck, your ride, your wheels; whatever you call your off-road vehicle, you recognize that the wheels are one of the most important pieces. Without wheels, your dreams of off-roading, on-roading, and everything in between just wouldn't go anywhere. Wheels carry you over speed bumps and hillocks, through swamps and over gravel. Whether you're racing or just going on a gentle pleasure drive, you trust your wheels to take you where you need to go. If your wheels are getting obviously dented or are causing irregular wear on your tires, it might be time to replace them. Damaged wheels can have detrimental effects on tire longevity, handling, and gas mileage. Find the right wheel packages to upgrade or repair your off-road vehicle at 4 Wheel Parts.

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    Pro Comp 97 Series Rock Crawler Steel Wheels Review

    Reviewed by Scooter on September 12

    Great Wheels - I bought these wheels for my 99 jeep XJ, and they look great. I had some trouble when i ordered them online, but when i called the 800 number their staff quickly cleared it up and got them on their way, got them in two days. I would definatly order from 4 wheel parts again. 5 stars.