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TeraFlex Wheel Adapters

TeraFlex Wheel Adapter
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TeraFlex Wheel Spacers

TeraFlex Wheel Spacers

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Upgrading your vehicle with larger or custom tires often means you need more clearance or offset between the wheel hub assembly and the wheel. Not only that, but you'll need more stability and traction performance when you take your vehicle off-road to race over sand dunes or rocky trails. With TeraFlex Wheel Spacers and Adapters, that problem is solved. Now you can add 1.5 inches of extra clearance space for your new tires. Take a look at our collection and choose the spacers or adapters that will enhance your off-road and pavement driving, improve performance, increase traction and help upgrade the overall look of your Jeep, truck or SUV.

Improved Performance
For exceptional performance out on the trails or driving through the city streets, you need tires that provide the traction and durability necessary to endure a range of driving conditions. But you also need spacers or adapters if you install new tires for even greater performance. Our collection of spacers and adapters provides you with an extra 1.5 inches of space with anodized aluminum spacers with different bolt patterns. So if you're looking for a way to improve handling out on the road and gain that extra bit of offset, these spacers are perfect for you. Ask one of our experts on staff for help in selecting the right pair for your vehicle.

Unsurpassable Prices
Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we believe that upgrading or modifying your Jeep, truck or SUV shouldn't cost a fortune. That's why we offer high-quality products from over 600 manufacturers with our everyday low prices to ensure an unbeatable starting point for savings, along with our free shipping on qualifying orders over $75, so you save even more. And if you find a lower price up to 90 days after purchase, we'll honor it with our 100% price match guarantee. Shop for spacers and adapters to install those new or custom tires and save money in the process. You won't regret it.

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TeraFlex Wheel Spacer - 1055020


TeraFlex 1.25 Wheel Offset Adapter Kit 5.5 to 5.5 - 1055020

TeraFlex 1.25 Inch Wheel Offset Adapter Kit - 1055045


TeraFlex 1.25 Inch Wheel Offset Adapter Kit 5x4.5 to 5x5 - 1055045

TeraFlex 1.25” Wheel Offset Adapter Kit - 1005200


TeraFlex 1.25 Wheel Offset Adapter Kit 5x4.5 to 5x4.5 - 1005200

TeraFlex 1.25” Wheel Offset Adapter Kit - 1055000

5.0 5.0 (1)


TeraFlex Wheel Offset Adapters (Clear) - 1055000

TeraFlex Wheel Spacer - 1055005


TeraFlex HD Adjustable Tire Carrier Wheel Spacer Kit - 1055005