Tire & Wheel Packages

Looking for a new set of tires for your Jeep, truck, SUV or 4x4, but are confused by all the options? We walk you through what you need to know in our Tire buying guide.

After years of driving or going over too much heavy terrain, the day is going to come when you need to swap out your old wheels and tires with new ones. Instead of buying them separately, it makes far more sense to look into tire and wheel packages. That way you receive everything you need to install a great new set of wheels on your Jeep. Whether you need off-road wheels or something more standard, there is something that is going to get you back on the trails in no time.

Choose the Wheels the Fit Best on Your Vehicle
A good fit is critical when it comes to selecting the best Jeep tire and wheel packages. An inch difference may not seem like much, but when it comes to your wheels, installing wheels that are an inch off could severely impact your driving capabilities. Luckily, 4wheelparts.com makes it easy to find the perfect wheels for your Jeep. There is a search feature where you enter the year, make and model of your vehicle so that you are only shown tires and wheels that work for your specific Jeep.

Look Into Other Factors When Deciding
Size is only one component of the wheel selection process. Before purchasing anything, you should check to see if you receive four or five wheels in a package. A five-wheel package is beneficial if you do not currently have a spare tire on your Jeep. You also want to pay attention to steel and alloy wheels. Steel wheels are a bit heavier and really weigh your Jeep down if you drive over snow. Alloy wheels are more standard. They are also much easier to chrome, paint and polish.

Buy the Perfect Wheels and Tires for Your Jeep at 4wheelparts.com
On any of our packages, you receive free shipping and free lug nuts. Take a look at our selection to get your Jeep ready for new adventures.

If you're like most off-road fans, your truck or Jeep does double duty. On weekends, you take it rock crawling, camping, hunting and anywhere else that promises four-wheeling fun. During the week, it's your go-to vehicle for commuting to work, running errands, picking up and dropping off kids, and any number of other, everyday tasks. So, when it comes to tires, you need those that help you with both off-road and on-road activities. At 4WheelDrive.com, we make life easier with an excellent selection of wheel and tire packages that will keep you running on all surfaces.

Packages Include Pre-Mounted and Balanced
For the best handling, all four tires on your truck or Jeep should be identical, or as close as you can get. Matched tire and wheel sets ensure an equal response from all points of contact, which allows you better control. 4wheelparts.com offers Jeep tire and wheel packages that come complete with lug nuts, center caps and TPMS, if needed. If we could, we'd come out and help you put your tires on, but we've done the next best thing by making them ready to go. All of our tire and wheel packages come pre-mounted and balanced, saving you time and headaches; all you need to do is bolt them on. Choose from trusted tire manufacturers such as Goodyear, Dick Cepek, Toyo, Maxxis Bighorn and more to fit a range of Jeep and truck models.

Custom Tire and Wheel Packages Available
At 4wheelparts.com, you get the lowest prices with our price-match guarantee. If you find the same item cheaper somewhere else, send us a request within 90 days of your purchase and we'll give you the difference. You'll save time and money with our wheel packages, offered here at competitive prices. We can also put together a custom package when you call our experts at 800-913-8205. Get ready for another season of four-wheeling by making sure you have the tires you need. Order your tire and wheel package today.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find parts that match your vehicle in this category. Please return to home page or call a customer service representative at 877-474-4821 for assistance with finding the parts you need for your vehicle.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find parts that match your vehicle in this category. Please return to home page or call a customer service representative at 877-474-4821 for assistance with finding the parts you need for your vehicle.

Driving takes a toll on your vehicle, especially your tires. Both on- and off-road driving places different demands on your vehicle, and you want it to perform at top capabilities. But upgrading or modifying your vehicle one part at a time can be expensive and time-consuming. Yet, you want it to operate at top capacity and therefore need to maintain those parts. That's why we offer exclusive tire and wheel packages from some of the best brands in the industry, such as BF Goodrich and Pro Comp, with everything included in the kits that you need to replace or upgrade your tires.

Everything You Need
There's nothing worse than ordering a product and realizing you need another part to go with it. With these tire wheel packages, you don't need to worry about that. Each package comes complete with all the parts you need, including center caps, lug nuts and TPMS sensors if appropriate. That way, you don't have to be concerned about missing parts. Balanced and pre-mounted, these wheels and tires are ready to be bolted on, so you can hit the trails right away. Once you install this package, you'll notice the enhanced performance immediately. Speak with one of our staff to find the tire wheel package that's right for your Jeep and save money on these custom packages.

Prices You Deserve
If you've been looking for a tire and wheel package that is all-inclusive and reasonably priced, then you've come to the right place. We believe in offering high-quality products at exceptional prices, and that includes our exclusive packages for tires and wheel. Our everyday low prices combined with our 100% price match guarantee ensure you save as much money as possible on quality products. Upgrading your vehicle doesn't need to cost a fortune and we make sure you save. Shop our packages today and watch the savings rack up.

The Whole Package
With tire wheel parts you don't have to worry about having enough lug nuts or center caps when you replace or upgrade your tires and wheels. These tires and wheels are already balanced and pre-mounted so you can bolt them onto your Jeep and be good to go. As a complete package, it includes center caps, lug nuts and TPMS sensors for applicable vehicles. This way, you have all the tire wheel parts you need for a complete upgrade or replacement. You'll also spend way less money by purchasing this set as you receive 4 wheels and tires that are ready to be installed right away, rather than buying every part individually and hoping they all work properly together. This is the faster, easier and more cost-effective method for tire and wheel packages for trucks. Simply give us a call to place your order today.

The Best Price
When you shop our 4 Wheel Parts tire and wheel packages, you get everything you need for wheel replacements at unbeatable prices. Our everyday low prices combined with our 100% price match guarantee up to 90 days after purchase ensure you get the most savings on the best products from over 600 manufacturers. We also offer free shipping on qualifying orders over $99 to save you even more. Shop our tire and wheel packages for all the parts you need to replace or upgrade your vehicle today. The savings are well worth it.

You outfit your vehicle so that it performs at top capacity out on the road, whether in the city or the rugged countryside. Upgrading or modifying your Jeep, truck or SUV can be expensive, especially if you order all the parts separately. That's why we here at 4 Wheel Parts offer you the choice to select exclusive Jeep tire and wheel packages (also available for your truck) that include all the lug nuts, sensors and everything else you would purchase separately.