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Keeping the tire attached to the rim is, dare we say, pretty important while driving and you want to make sure it stays attached. That's what beadlocks do. Beadlocks help to hold the tire and the rim together while you drive and ensure your safety. Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we take driving safety seriously, which is why we offer our selection of Staun internal beadlocks from Coyote Enterprises LLC to provide you with beadlocks that will offer the functionality you need while out on the road.

Designed for Functionality
Beadlocks are an important part of your vehicle and making sure they function properly is equally important. A Staun internal beadlock is very similar to a tire inside a tire due to its two valve stems that divide the air chamber of the tire into two compartments for the tire and the beadlock. A traditional, mechanical beadlock is fine, but the staun beadlock is far superior. That's due to its ability to inhibit the interior tire bead from hiccupping air out, as both the interior and exterior tire beads are locked to the wheel. You can also use your existing wheels instead of buying new ones. They are street legal and have no balance problems. Sold as single units or as sets of 4, you receive a complete kit that includes instructions, tube, air channel, beadlock case and powder. Our collection has the beadlocks best suited to your vehicle's wheels.

Priced for Value
If you've been looking for staun beadlocks, then you've come to the right place. Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we believe in providing the best products from over 600 manufacturers at unbeatable prices, which is why we offer our everyday low prices and 100% price match guarantee up to 90 days after purchase. Shop our collection of beadlocks today to secure your tires to the rims and save a buck or two along the way.

Beadlock Types
The first thing you should be aware of while shopping for beadlocks is that there are several different kinds to choose from. Staun inner beadlocks are some of the most popular options, and they provide a more discreet appearance than other types. Ring style beadlocks provide a more street-worthy style for those looking to enhance their Jeep's exterior appearance with this upgrade, and the screw-in style provides a more rugged performance. Each style offers different benefits, which is something you should consider closely while making your selection.

How They Work
It's not inaccurate to say that installing inflatable beadlocks on your ride is like adding an additional set of tires within your tires. These durable accessories fit between the curve of the tire and the rim, and feature two separate air valves that need to be inflated in order to give your tire the right amount of support. This added layer of padding helps to protect both your wheel and the tire while you're on the move, so you can get longer usability out of these parts.

Brands You Can Trust
Sub-par parts don't belong anywhere near your Jeep. That's why we offer nothing but the best, most trusted brands at We offer great products such as Staun internal beadlocks, Trail Gear beadlocks, and Coyote beadlocks to ensure you're getting a product you can really rely on when you choose to buy your products from us. Your Jeep's definitely a powerhouse, but without functioning wheels and tires, that impressive engine won't be getting you anywhere anytime soon. Your wheels and tires work together to keep your Jeep moving forward in a huge variety of conditions, and over some of the roughest terrain imaginable. However, you'll need to ensure you have a proper set of beadlocks if you want things to keep rolling in the right direction. Staun beadlocks are products that connect the tire itself to your wheel more securely, so you can adventure forth with more confidence in your ride.

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Coyote Enterprises Internal Boltless Beadlock 16 Inch Set of 4 - CEB16710-4


Coyote Enterprises Internal Boltless Beadlock 16 Inch Set of 4 - CEB16710-4

Coyote Enterprises Internal Boltless Beadlock 15 Inch Set of 4 - CEB15710-4


Coyote Enterprises Internal Boltless Beadlock 15 Inch Set of 4 - CEB15710-4

Coyote Enterprises Internal Beadlock 16 Inch Single - CEB16710-1


Coyote Enterprises Internal Beadlock 16 Inch Single - CEB16710-1

Coyote Enterprises Internal Boltless Beadlock 15 Inch Single - CEB15710-1


Coyote Enterprises Internal Boltless Beadlock 15 Inch Single - CEB15710-1
Last thing you should stress about when hauling heavy loads in your Jeep or crossing raging rivers in your SUV is the security of your wheels. You trust your tires to get you through the harshest trails. The component of your tires that is made to attach firmly to the rims of your wheels is the bead. You can secure this bond with one of our first-class bead locks. Here are at 4 Wheel Parts we are ready to supply you with high-quality parts that make any off-roading adventure safe, enjoyable and stress-free.

Ensuring Your Wheel's Placement
Your vehicle depends on your tires being in the best shape to perform as best as possible. Taking care of them is an essential step in a safe off-roading experience. Any savvy off-roader is well aware of the need to air down your tires before any trip. This decrease in air pressure means greater traction. However, you should also know that this loosens the bond between a tire and its rim. Adding a set of first-rate bead locks anchors both of these parts together to make sure everything stays in place. Finding the perfect component to seal this bond is simple. 4 Wheel Parts has wide array of sizes and styles for your exact needs. Each come with the instructions to guide your installation process. If you have any trouble, stop by any 4 Wheel Parts store for installation. We are happy to help you reach your next off-road destination.

Fast and Easy Shopping
Are you looking for high-rate parts? Are you not looking to take a bite out of your wallet? Then 4 Wheel Parts is just the place for you. Our mission is bringing customers durable components without the elevated prices of other suppliers. If have a qualified order of $75 or more then we are more than ready to ship your part for free. Browse our selection of bead locks to secure your wheels and plan your upcoming adventure now.

The Three Types
This product comes in three different forms: internal beadlocks, ring style and screw-in style. The Stuan internal beadlock (also known as a wild beadlock) is by far the most popular of the three because it accomplishes the task of keeping your tires firmly in place without taking up any space on the outside of your wheel or diminishing the appeal of your rims. Of course, ring style beadlocks (street) and screw-ins (extreme) have their own benefits to consider. You can learn more about them by reaching out to our professional staff with any questions you might have.

Top-Tier Parts
Regardless of whether you select internal beadlocks or one of the other great Stuan products we offer, you can have confidence in the performance capabilities of your new accessory when you buy from us at that's because we only offer the best parts in our online store, so no matter what you choose, you're never getting anything less than a trusted product with the power to get you to your next off-road destination in comfort and style.

Fast Shipping
Furthermore, when you buy your beadlocks here, you'll get your parts sooner that you thought possible. We keep a huge stock of parts on hand so we have what you need in our inventory, when you need it most.

Your tires work hard to keep you on the trail and pointed in the right direction, but they can't exactly perform properly if they become detached from your vehicle. Unfortunately, this is likely to happen when you're dealing with bumpy, challenging terrain if you don't take the proper precautions. Stuan beadlocks are designed to give your tire a bit of extra security, holding it tightly onto the wheel itself and your vehicle so you can focus on the road ahead without worrying about your tires performing properly. At 4 Wheel Parts, we offer a number of styles to ensure our drivers have exactly what they need to make their off-roading experience what they've always dreamed of.