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Bead Lock O-Ring

Looking for a new set of tires for your Jeep, truck, SUV or 4x4, but are confused by all the options? We walk you through what you need to know in our Tire buying guide.

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    Hutchinson Bead Lock O-Ring

    Hutchinson Bead Lock O-Ring

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    You've finally installed those new bead lock wheels on your off-road machine after thoroughly lubing the rock monster wheel o-rings. The new traction you have on rough, steep, and rocky terrain is impressive and exhilarating – there's nothing that can stop you. What you definitely don't want, however, is too much traction caused by a flat tire. You know how to handle it, but why add that tension to a perfectly good mud crawl? If it's not a puncture, it may be an air leak. You refill the air and test with some soapy water, and the bubbles reveal that, yes, your bead lock is slowly losing air.

    Airtight Bead Lock Wheels
    Bead lock wheels are excellent options for off-roaders who need a little more traction to take on rough terrain. With normal wheels, the tire primarily stays on the rim because of air pressure. When you air down your tires for more friction against the driving surface, normal wheels risk sliding off the rim because of low pressure. Bead lock wheels, however, bolt the tire between two rims to keep the components from separating, even with low psi. The rims are sealed with the all-important bead lock o-rings, thin bands which make sure the connection is airtight and keeps the tire from leaking. If you have rock monster wheels that are losing too much air, it might be the cause of a warped, twisted, or worn out o-ring.

    Affordable and High-Quality OEM Parts
    At, we have the parts you need. Shop our bead lock o-rings for trucks today and get the lowest price guaranteed. Not only do we offer free shipping on most orders, but we also refund you the difference if you find a better deal on the market within 90-days of your purchase. We know you like to keep your bead lock wheels aired down, but when they're leaking beyond your desired psi, buy your replacement o-ring today.

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