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Mountain Off-Road Enterprises Spring Over Kits

Mountain Off Road Enterprises Spring Over Kits

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Warrior Torque Barz for Spring Over

Warrior Torque Barz for Spring Over

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Warrior Spring Over Conversion Kit

Warrior Spring Over Conversion Kit

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Trail Gear Spring Over Axle Conversion Kits

Trail Gear Spring Over Axle Conversion Kit

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As an avoid off-road enthusiast, you expect your rig to conquer any trail you want. Still, huge boulders and large limbs can be difficult for stock leaf spring vehicles. Whether you want to add some bounce or height to your suspension system, 4 Wheel Parts has you covered. Our spring over axle conversion solutions help you get the most out of your 4X4.

Get Some Extra Clearance
Rough-cut trails can be difficult for any stock truck, Jeep or ATV. Unfortunately, your rig's trail capabilities are probably only as good as its leaf springs. If you are ready for some extra clearance, we have the right SOA conversion kit for your vehicle. Choose an S10 spring over axle kit or opt for a YJ spring over kit for your Jeep. Either way, you win when you add extra clearance by ordering a conversion kit from us.

Demand Quality Components
When you tweak with your rig's suspension system, you never want to use low-quality parts. If you do, you may find yourself stranded somewhere you would rather not be. Our inventory of truck, SUV and Jeep SOA kit conversions feature high-quality components from the top manufacturers in the 4X4 suspension parts industry. For superior performance and enhanced off-road capabilities, you simply can't beat the benefits of these kits.

Pay the Right Price
Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we proudly feature a huge selection of 4X4 parts and accessories. Still, we never charge a premium for anything we sell. Instead, we stand by our best price guarantee, pledging to match any lower price you happen to find elsewhere. We also offer military discounts to the brave men and women who serve our country in uniform. With our inventory and expertise, you can improve your rig's suspension system faster than you think. Browse our selection and order your new conversion kit or other components today.

Dominate Boulders and Trails
The average Jeep will have more control over off-road situations than just about any other vehicle, but there are degrees of control among Jeeps as well. For those who want ultimate suspension flex and tire clearance, there's no better solution than a spring-over or coilover conversion setup. The added room for larger tires offers a great benefit, as well as offering exceptional axle articulation. These benefits all contribute to the ability to approach off-roading more aggressively, including increased approach and departure angles.

Suspension Parts for All
A full spring over conversion kit contains a lot of parts, and we sell them in their entirety, for example the Dirt Logic 4.0 conversion kit. We also sell individual parts in case you're planning on piecing it together. If you're concerned about our selection, you needn't worry. Our inventory includes over $100 million in parts from about 600 manufacturers. We're confident we have the part you're looking for. If you're still concerned, we also offer expert advice in the form of articles and videos to help you choose and install the most compatible parts for your vehicle.

Price Match Guarantee
On top of our excellent selection of parts, we also offer some of the best prices in the market. This is possible through the exclusive deals our size and status in the industry have earned us. We pass those deals along to you to show loyal customers our appreciation. We also offer a price match guarantee for any product purchased within 90 days, so take a look at our stock and make a purchase today.

For those off-road junkies who just can't seem to get enough, there's always an upgrade or new part of some kind in the back of your mind. Whether you want to increase your horsepower or improve your suspension, you're always on the lookout. One great way to upgrade your suspension system is with a spring over conversion kit.

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Warrior Spring Over Conversion Kit - 4610


Mountain Off Road Enterprises Spring Over Kit for Dana 35 Axle - SOK35


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Trail Gear Spring Over Axle Conversion Kit - 111253-3-KIT


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Warrior Torque Barz for Spring Over (Gray) - 607


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Warrior Spring Over Conversion Kit - 4615


Warrior Spring Over Conversion Kit - 4605


Warrior Spring Over Conversion Kit - 4600


Racing over muddy trails, climbing mountainsides, crawling over rocks and fording shallow streams are all part of the off-roading lifestyle. That's why you need a vehicle and suspension system that guarantees you have the best experience while you're on an adventure. These adventures can be a bit much for your stock spring leaf vehicle to master, which is why we recommend you switch to a Jeep YJ spring over axle kit to improve your suspension system and conquer each and every trail you come across. With our large selection from top brands in the industry, such as Fabtech, we have exactly what you're looking for.

Unsurpassed Performance
With leaf springs, your vehicle's performance is limited out on the rough trails. If you want added ground clearance for larger tires and more lift, then you need a Jeep YJ spring over kit for your Jeep. Adding that extra bit of height or lift can greatly improve your off-road capabilities and you'll notice the difference right away. With one of these kits, you'll get the most out of your Jeep and be able to explore farther than ever before and over rougher terrain than you ever could with stock leaf springs. So if you're looking for increased off-road handling and outstanding performance for your Jeep, then these kits are perfect for you. Ask one of our experts on staff if you need help selecting the right kit and we'll make sure you walk away with the best one for your vehicle.

Unbeatable Prices
If you've been thinking of switching your suspension system, then a leaf spring to coil spring conversion kit is perfect for your Jeep. We source products from over 600 manufacturers to bring you the very best on the market, and we offer them at unbeatable prices. Our everyday low prices and free shipping on qualifying orders over $75 ensure you get maximum savings. Shop our collection today and find the conversion kit that's right for you.

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