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If off-roading is your thing, then you may want to think about changing up the look of your vehicle. You can add on parts and tweak systems to give you a more authentic off-roading experience. The easiest way to do this is through buying a Jeep complete build package from 4 Wheel Parts.

Improve Performance
Adding on parts, such as a suspension lift system and Pro Runner shocks, can give you the feel of an authentic off-roading vehicle. Lifting your Jeep allows you more clearance to tackle a wider range of terrain. The new shocks will enable you to have more control and keep your Jeep steadier when you hit rocks, bumps and other objects that end up in your path. A rear bumper receiver hitch enables you to get even more use from your off-road vehicle.

Fine Tune the Look
You can also bump up the look with Pro Comp driving lights. A new grille built for tougher use can also be a great choice. While it does help with performance, it also makes your Jeep look a bit tougher. You can get the aggressive look that makes your Jeep stand out at off-roading events. From lighting up your Jeep at night to ensuring a little brush won't get in your way, the additions make your vehicle a stand out regardless of where you may be driving.

Build the Jeep You've Always Dreamed About
With a build package, you can put together the look and performance you have desired. 4 Wheel Parts is committed to ensuring you get the best parts for prices that won't empty your wallet. With our superior customer service and extensive stock of products, you can easily find what you need when you need it. To make your Jeep the best on and off the road, just start browsing our inventory to find the build package or whatever part it is you need.

Off-roading is a way of life and outfitting your Jeep is a major part of that. Now you can completely overhaul your entire Jeep from the outside to the inside for a rugged exterior and top-performing interior. Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we offer hassle-free Jeep Wrangler lift kit and tire packages that will revamp your Jeep in entirety from Pro Runner shocks to Smittybilt SRC armor.

Maximum Overhaul
Starting with lift and suspension systems in our kits, your vehicle will be lifted to new heights with extra ground clearance when you're off-roading while performing as best as it can, both on- and off-road. The Pro Comp wheels with an aggressive tread pattern ensure you Jeep performs well but also has the rugged look you're after. A speedometer calibrator is included to guarantee your factory parts are working as they should. And with Smittybilt SRC armor you get a rear bumper equipped with an oversize tire carrier for that spare, rocker guards and a front bumper outfitted with driving lights. This Jeep lift kit and tire package will cover your Jeep from front to back, bottom to top to ensure you get the total upgrade you've been after. With this kit you'll be ready to as soon as it arrives with all the parts included. So if you want to give your Jeep the off-road capacity to handle even the roughest terrain with the correct tires, then this is it.

Absolute Savings
If you're ready to take your driving performance and look of your Jeep to the next level, then you came to the right place. With our Jeep lift kit and tire package, you can do that and save money, too. Our everyday low prices and free shipping on qualifying orders over $99 ensures you save as much money as possible on our high-quality products from over 600 manufacturers. And if you find a better price within 90 days of purchase, we'll honor it with our 100% price match guarantee. Shop today to find the complete build package that's right for you and take advantage of these savings.

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Each time you modify your vehicle, you get one step closer to making it the truck you always wanted. However, sometimes all the modification in the world won't work if your ride doesn't sit at the right height. While some 4x4 enthusiasts think higher is better, others know that low riders reign supreme. Lower your truck with a kit and parts from 4 Wheel Parts.

Better Aerodynamics
With factory suspension levels, plenty of air flows beneath the truck. This wind drag can slow your vehicle and cause performance issues. When you lower your truck with a kit from 4 Wheels Parts, you can improve the aerodynamics. This package makes your truck or Jeep faster and can even improve your gas mileage.

Better Handling
As you know, trucks and Jeeps are at a higher risk of rolling over than their lower counterparts. When you lower your vehicle, you significantly reduce the chances of rolling over. However, making your truck safer doesn't have to make it a bore to drive.

When you install one of our lowering kits, your vehicle will handle better than ever before. Because it is closer to the ground, your ride will grip the road or trail better. You'll have improved handling and speed. After all, they don't call these “sport suspensions” for nothing.

Why 4 Wheel Parts
If you're convinced that it's time to lower your rig's suspension, find your kit right here on 4 Wheel Parts. We have an extensive collection of parts to choose from, and they all ship without delay. Whether you want a Jeep Wrangler lowering kit or something for your truck, you can find it here.

Not sure which kits will fit your specific ride? We can help. Enter your vehicle's specs on this page, and we can show you sport suspensions and lowering kits that fit your unique ride. Best of all, we guarantee the best prices on all of our parts.

Suspension mods are common for Jeep and truck owners that want to get extra performance out of their rigs. Often, you'll hear about suspension lifts for off-roading rigs to add extra clearance for navigating rough terrain. However, you may also have heard about lowering the suspension as well. Also called a sport suspension, a lowered suspension can offer improved performance and safety for some rigs. If you're looking for lowering kits near you, look at 4WheelParts.com - our online catalog and various partnered retailers have the aftermarket gear you need to perform a suspension lowering yourself.

The Low Rider Advantage
A lowered suspension can sound contrary to what off-roaders look for, since the reduced clearance presents a risk of the undercarriage scraping or striking the ground on a bumpy trail. Lowering the suspension, though, has plenty of other benefits: the reduced clearance improves aerodynamics, leading to better fuel efficiency, while the lower center of gravity can boost traction and handling while reducing rollover risks. With a Jeep lowering kit from a top aftermarket brand like Pro Comp or Rubicon Express, you can enhance your vehicle's speed and maneuverability - perfect if your off-roading doesn't involve much speed bumps or debris anyway.

Count on Quality Service
Searching for "suspension lowering shops near me" is one way to achieve the sport suspension you seek, but for DIY jeepers, 4WheelParts.com provides everything you need to get the job done with our lowering kits. Expert engineering and thorough testing make our partners in manufacturing notable for quality products, and ordering from us means low prices and a fast delivery, whether you're picking up your order at a retailer or having it sent straight to your address. You also benefit from free shipping on orders $99 and up, as well as a 90 day price match guarantee. If a lowered suspension sounds right for you and your Jeep or truck, take a look at what we have in store and place an order today.