Complete Suspension Systems and Lift Kits

When it comes to off-road adventures, no system in your vehicle is quite as important as its suspension. The superior suspension system that truck and Jeep owners enjoy provides an experience that's hard to forget. Our vehicles may be built stock to withstand rough, off-road terrain for extended periods of time, but sometimes plowing through mudholes and scrambling over boulders can take its toll.

A Diverse Selection of Off-Road Suspension Parts
If hand-picking the perfect part for your vehicle is important for you, we have good news. At 4 Wheel Parts, we pride ourselves in having one of the most diverse selections of off-road parts in the market. Our on-hand inventory consists of over $100 million in off-road parts from around 600 manufacturers. We understand the value of selecting the perfect part for your vehicle, so we make sure we're your best resource for finding the right part quickly.

Prices You Won't Believe
If nearly countless options isn't enough for you, we also offer the best prices on suspension parts anywhere, guaranteed. Our position in the industry allows us excellent deals on off-road parts that we share with our customers. We're so rock-solid confident about our prices that we will match any price on any part you find at our store or website within 90 days of purchase. Check out our selection and upgrade today.

Finding the Perfect Lift Kit
Our lift kits provide the best in quality construction from top brands. with an assortment of leaf springs, sway bar spacers, pitman arms, shocks and other components depending upon the make and model of your truck. If you desire, you can hand pick your own shocks. Our experts can help with technical questions about suspension kits to ensure you get what you want. 4x4 lift kits are precisely engineered to handle extremes of rock climbing and high clearance while maintaining responsive handling on paved roads. A lift kit for your pickup truck can provide high clearance, off-road capability and quiet and dependable driving on main roads.

Giant Selection of Lift Kits and Other Products
Whether it is a 4 inch lift kit or a 6 inch lift kit, 4 Wheel Parts has you covered. We carry hundreds of suspension systems and lift kits and shock absorbers for nearly every make and model of truck or Jeep. You can be assured that you are getting the best price possible through our 100% price match guarantee. Pick up items for free at one of our 84 locations or choose from a range of attractive shipping options. We also sell tops, roll cages, fenders and bumpers and doors, drivetrains and differentials and tires.

Living life to the full means hitting the wildest off-road trails as much as enjoying a great breakfast in your favorite neighborhood. In the end, though, you wouldn't be able to experience a refreshing dip in the lake or a warming bonfire with a broken-down Jeep. Keep your vehicle high and dry with one of our Jeep lift kits.

Why Lift?

Your style is best described as working hard and playing harder. To that end, our Jeep Wrangler lift kits give you the freedom to scrabble bigger rocks and tread deeper water. When parked on city streets, tall Jeeps hold their own against any backdrop. Above all, though, the extra space provides a protective buffer for all of the components within the lower part of your Jeep's chassis.

Rigid or Flexible? It's Your Call.

Our lift kits for Jeeps give you options from mild to wild. Want a soft ride? We've got premium components to make your dreams a reality. Need an extra three inches of clearance? We can help you get there. Whether your goal is higher speeds, better tire clearance or monster looks, our Jeep Cherokee lift kits are sure to deliver.

Expecting the Unexpected

4WP provides everything you need to prepare for your upcoming project. Certain installations require modifications to steering, brakes and other systems. Our customer reviews give you some clues for what you'll get into before you start turning sockets. Expert articles shed light on topics such as the difference between long arm and short arm lift kits

Our customer service professionals are known as Jeep experts on 4WP. That's because, like you, they live and breathe the off-road life. Start a chat from any page of our website. If you'd rather talk to someone on the phone, call our toll-free number. Check out opportunities for meeting other jeepers and contributing to good causes by browsing our events page.

What's better than a lifted Jeep? Not much. A suspension lift kit not only gives your Jeep a more aggressive look, but it also allows you to take on tougher terrain and even helps with tire clearance. So, if you're looking to take your game to the next level, a Jeep Cherokee lift kit is the way to go.

4WP has a Jeep XJ lift kit for everyone's budget and needs from brands including Rough Country, Skyjacker, Rubicon Express, and more. And with a low price guarantee, you know you're getting the best deal.

From Mild to Wild
Not everyone needs an extreme lift kit like the Rubicon Express 4.5/5.5" Standard Adjustable Arm Suspension Lift Kit. Sometimes, a simple Rubicon Express 2.5" Standard Kit is enough to do the job. But if you're looking to go big, 4WP has you covered with the Rock Krawler YJ Stage 2 Trail Runner Suspension System. 14" of travel and an independent 3-link front end ensures you can take on the roughest terrain.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find parts that match your vehicle in this category. Please return to home page or call a customer service representative at 877-474-4821 for assistance with finding the parts you need for your vehicle.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find parts that match your vehicle in this category. Please return to home page or call a customer service representative at 877-474-4821 for assistance with finding the parts you need for your vehicle.

The Best Selection of Suspension Upgrades
Whether you are looking for shocks and leveling kits to shore up your suspension, or for wheels and tires to improve performance and looks, 4 Wheel Parts has the nation's largest inventory of truck parts. We carry the top brands, including Smittybilt, Poison Spyder, Pro Com, Warn, Fabtech and Trail Master. Our experts can hook you up with whatever it is you are looking for, as well as offer ideas for new projects. We offer convenient and affordable shipping options and stand by our 100% price match guarantee. You can even get free shipping when you pick up items at one of our store locations. Look at our green truck parts to purchase products that promote a safe and healthy environment.

Rise to the Occasion with a Suspension Lift
Your Jeep's suspension can be vulnerable on rough trails, with the undercarriage taking heavy damage if it drags or bounces across rocks, fallen trees and other debris. A 4 inch lift can give your rig the extra clearance you need to safely pass ravines, craggy trails and more without trouble. To ensure the best results, pick up a suspension kit that contains all the parts needed for a full suspension assembly, designed and tested as a complete system to ensure that what you get out of the kit works perfectly. With trusted partners in aftermarket manufacturing - Pro Comp Suspension, Trail Master, G2 Axle and Gear and more - supplying our inventory, you know you're treating your Jeep right.

Our Dedication to Customer Service
When trying to decide on a 4 inch lift kit, you'll likely have a lot of questions on your mind. At, our in-house Jeep experts can give you the answers and point you to the suspension that fits your needs. If you're wondering about prices, we have that answered too: ours are the best in the market, and if they're not, we'll match them and pay you back the difference within 90 days of your purchase. Take a look at our online catalog, where you'll find matches to your vehicle's year, make and model, and see for yourself. Find your new suspension and order today.

When you're white-knuckling down the trail, you shouldn't be worrying about ripping the undercarriage off your Jeep, that's why you install the ultimate in wheels and tires to keep you going through your favorite gumbo patch. To help you with this, 4WP sells the finest aftermarket and OEM Jeep suspension components to give your rig the height it needs to take on even the toughest course. With height granting capabilities ranging from zero to over 7 inches and everything in between, we have the lift kits you want at the best prices around. For a great basic, all-parts included lift kit check out our Pro Comp lift kits.

Rugged Lift Kits

Your ride never gives you anything less than its best, no matter the trail conditions. You can return the favor by swapping out your factory issue parts for premium aftermarket and OEM Jeep suspension parts from 4WP. Whether your suspension is a coilover, crossmember or 3-link system, we have the parts you need to gain the altitude you want from top brands like Rubicon Express, Trail Master and Daystar. Our Rubicon coil system lift kits feature everything you need for an easy bolt-on-installation, including the bolts and the replacement coils.

Find the Perfect Kit

When you're looking through our selection of Jeep Wrangler lift kits, check out our easy-to-use Select Your Vehicle tool. This handy feature lets you narrow down our inventory to those lift kits that precisely match your ride. It's the perfect tool to help you find a lift kit that does not include shocks but matches your model, make and year. We even let your narrow your choice down to direct or universal fit, so you can decide exactly how much customization you want on your new lift kit.

Our Price Guarantee

4WP backs all our millions of parts with our 4WP Hardware Best Price Guarantee. If you find your replacement part somewhere else at a better price than you paid here, just let us know within 90 days of your purchase, and we'll match it and issue you a refund. Order today and give your rig the upgrade you've promised it.

Mountain and Desert Approved
The great thing about a new XJ lift kit is that it works in any environment. Whether you're crawling over rocks in the mountains or flying through the desert, a quality suspension lift kit like the Pro Comp 6" Lift Kit will give you the clearance and performance you need.

Unmatched Value
From a low price guarantee to discounts on the installation, 4WP has everything you need to get your ride looking and performing its best. And with a wide selection of Jeep lift kits to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

Want to get the most from your Jeep? A new suspension lift kit is the way to go. Shop 4WP today for the best selection and prices on Jeep Cherokee lift kits.