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Crown Automotive Coil Spring Bumper

Crown Automotive Coil Spring Bumper

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Synergy Manufacturing Thru Coil Front Air Bump Kits

Synergy Manufacturing Thru Coil Front Air Bump Kit

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Whether you're riding low or riding high with a lifted coil spring suspension, you're going to bounce your Jeep or truck over some hard knocks that can toss your suspension about pretty roughly. If you want to save your suspension's coil springs from wear and tear while preventing some pretty wild impact damage to your ride, you need coil spring bump stops that can take the hardest beating and keep your vehicle moving.

What Are Bump Stops?
Bump stops are inserts that fit into the coil springs of your suspension. Without bump stops in place, those crazy jumps and crashing landings can compress your coils completely and do some crushing damage to the parts of your coil spring suspension. Bump stops act as a buffer that prevents the coils from compressing beyond a certain point while absorbing some of the shock of impact to dissipate the force and keep your suspension from buckling under the strain.

A Wide Selection of Bump Stop Parts for Sale
We carry both universal and custom bump stop parts. Browse our selection to find the right type for you, or use our vehicle selector to make sure you pick the right make, model, and year to fit your vehicle and suspension type. We're sure to have the right parts in our inventory to meet your needs.

Easy, Fast Returns
Ordered the wrong part? Ordered too many? We've got you covered. Our returns process is the easiest in the business, and we'll make sure to get new parts shipped out to you ASAP as needed. We strive to make both the purchase and returns process as painless as possible. We also stand behind our pricing with a price match guarantee. Just show us an advertisement from a competitor with a lower price, and we'll match it either before or after purchase. That's how dedicated we are to keeping your business, and to ensuring your satisfaction as a customer.

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