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    Kentrol Step Cover

    Kentrol Step Cover

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    Part of the fun of owning a Jeep is customizing it in a way that takes it from “cool” to “beast mode” with original aftermarket parts. From installing Rock Hard 4 x 4 roll bars to equipping your rig with Rugged Ridge Jeep Wrangler XHD wheels, you've likely done it all. Now it's time to invest in running board step plates. Don't struggle getting into your rig (that's not cool!), and get the assist you need in the form of sleek, durable and custom Jeep sidesteps. Check out our vast collection of running boards here at 4 Wheel Parts now.

    Your Options Are Many, So How Do You Choose?
    When it comes to running boards for off-road rigs, there is no shortage of options. There are diamond plate truck steps, fold-up running boards in camo green, disappearing step plates for running boards, running boards in flat black and so much more. How do you choose which is right for you?

    First, consider where you'll be off-roading. If you routinely take your rig into the muck and mud, you may want to invest in side steps that are protected with a thin oxide layer so that they don't corrode due to continuous exposure to moisture. However, if you're more of a desert cruiser, fiberglass or metal step plates may be perfect, and they could save you some money in the long run.

    Of course, design is important to consider, too. Step plates come in many colors and styles, which you can review here at 4 Wheel Parts. From fold up to stationary running boards to step plates that disappear once the doors close, and from matte black to camo green, we have dozens of options for all styles and price points.

    Get Your Step Plates for Less
    At 4 Wheel Parts, we're known in the Jeep circle for selling the highest quality aftermarket parts for less than anywhere on the market. Bring your rig to the next level with durable and sleek looking running boards. Get yours now!

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    Whether your rugged machine came with step bars or you have done the work raising your vehicle to accommodate bigger wheels or other accessories—including taking the time to purchase truck suspension leveling kits to ensure a smooth, balanced ride—customizing your leg up is easy. 4 Wheel Parts understands that everyone’s needs are different, which is why we carry an array of parts to complement your personal ride.

    Safety and Style

    Every 4x4 is different, and so are the people who use them. From traversing rugged trails to hauling heavy loads on makeshift roads, chances are you don’t mind getting down and dirty for fun or work.

    Step bars for trucks and SUVs make it easier to hop into your ride, provide safer footing in slippery conditions and let you make a bold statement. They also serve as a way to wipe off muddy shoes, keeping the interior looking good. When adding running boards for trucks & jeeps, 4 Wheel Parts has got you covered with quality bars and extra accessories to light them up to truly make them stand out.

    Choices Big and Small

    Making the decision to drill into your vehicle isn’t any easy one. The true test comes down to how you want your vehicle to look and what you need to enhance your experience. Running boards are a way to add extra grip the length of the cab. These heavy-duty, durable parts come in many styles to create a seamless transition in how your vehicle looks. Choices include different finishes, treads and construction materials, all of which allow for customization. For people who want easy access without a bunch of extras, step bars are a great alternative. Whether you want a little help hopping into a truck bed, a simple bar to get into an SUV or a step that you can slide out only when you need it, quality options are just a click away. If your vehicle already comes with a step board, you aren’t stuck with something bland. You can add some traction or flair with a durable step plate. Regardless of which is the best fit, you can count on these parts to be strong and built to last.

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