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    Auto Meter Tachometer Adapter

    Auto Meter Tachometer Adapter

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    MSD Tachometer Adapter

    MSD Tachometer Adapter

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    Obtain more accurate readings of engine rotations per minute by using a tachometer adapter with your ignition system. Choose from high-quality aftermarket adapters made by trusted truck performance brands such as Auto Meter Competition Instruments and MSD. Some adapters are designed to work with older tachometers that require a magnetic pick up input and signal stabilization. Others correct the operation of voltage-triggered tachometers that do not draw directly off of the tach output terminal. Find adapters to use with non-current limiting ignitions originally equipped with a ballast resistor or an adapter suitable for current limiting non-ballast resistor electronic ignition systems.

    Magnetic Pickups and Signal Stabilizers
    Find the right tachometer adapter in the large selection of Jeep performance parts and truck performance parts available for sale on 4 Wheel Parts. Depending on how your ignition is set-up, you may be interested in a specific tachometer adapter style that will enable you to stabilize signals or correct the operation of voltage-triggered tachometers.

    Options for Distributorless Systems
    If your vehicle does not have a distributor, you may want to connect the tachometer so that it senses current in the positive coil source wire and converts this information into a 12V square wave signal capable of being read by tachometers and similar accessories. No matter which style of adapter you are looking for, you can find these adapters and a large selection of Jeep performance components on 4 Wheel Parts.

    Save on Performance Parts
    We make it easy to customize the way that your vehicle obtains data and functions with our wide selection of performance truck parts. Search or browse to find tachometer adapters and other ignition system or sensing components that can help you monitor how your rig is running. In addition to competitive pricing, we offer a 100% Price Match Guarantee, speedy shipping, free in-store pickup and a 30-day no-hassle return policy.

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