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    TeraFlex Hand Throttle

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    When you're trekking across off-road trails, fine control over your speed can be hard to come by. Bouncing and lurching over rough terrain makes the gas pedal a bit finicky, and repeatedly hitting the brakes on a steep downhill is a good way to wear them out. In scenarios like these, remote throttle controls shine, allowing controlled constant speed or idling and making it possible to use the gas, brake and clutch together on demand. Turn to for reliable remote throttle controls for sale when the going gets rough.

    Hands-On Off-Road Control

    The ability to easily control speed and RPM while off-roading makes hand throttle controls for trucks valuable. The handheld remote is used to engage the throttle while leaving your feet free to hit the clutch and brakes as necessary, making rough, off-camber scenarios easier to maneuver through - climbing up a slope without rolling backwards, for instance, or descending downhill at a controlled pace. With a TeraFlex kit from, setting up Jeep throttle controls is simple and gives you a lifeline in tricky situations.

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