Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing

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Jet Performance Products Quadrajet Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit

Jet Performance Products Quadrajet Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit

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Jet Performance Products Holley Throttle Shaft Bushing Kits

Jet Performance Products Holley Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit

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As you are aware, carburetors mix air and fuel together to power internal combustion engines. They affect how your truck or Jeep drives and performs. If there are worn throttle shaft bores, too much air goes past the throttle body and enters the carburetor, throwing off the balance, affecting performance and causing unstable idles or engine revs that are too high. Carburetors can't compensate quickly enough with fuel as well. An overheating or backfiring engine and hard starts are other symptoms of a carburetor problem, indicating a lean mixture that is potentially damaging and detrimental to engine performance.

Your Own Installations
By installing a carburetor throttle shaft bushing kit, the shaft is repaired, vacuum leaks are removed and smooth operation returns. Any sticking or binding throttle issues are also eliminated. If you're using a Holley carburetor for greater performance, having a compatible Holley throttle shaft bushing kit is essential. Save money by doing the installation work yourself. Kits make it easy for you to do the work correctly, providing instructions and supplies, such as bushings, screws and a reamer. Remove the throttle shaft first to get to the bushings, which are made of bronze for extended life and wear.

Great Prices and Service
Whether you need a Jeep carburetor throttle shaft bushing or a truck carburetor throttle shaft bushing, carries these and many more products in its inventory. Our website has resources, such as videos, articles, and product reviews, to help you make product selections that are right for your Jeep or truck. Call our customer service team for advice or visit one of our stores, where we have certified technicians on staff. We aim to deliver superior service and off-road products at great prices. We want you to be confident in your purchase and price match if you see the same item we sell at a lower price.

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Jet Performance Products Holley Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit - 1001


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  • Jet Performance Products Quadrajet Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit - 201102


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