Air Snorkel Pre-Cleaners

You use your Jeep, truck or other SUV for both regular and extreme driving. When you are on a dry highway, your rig's engine doesn't have any trouble breathing. Fording through a deep river, however, can put a real strain on your 4X4's motor's performance. With the right snorkel system, you give your vehicle the steady supply of oxygen it needs to get through even the wettest obstacles. Here at 4 Wheel Drive, we have a complete inventory of snorkels, snorkel pre-cleaner components, snorkel pre-filter parts and other products to help you get the most out of your off-road adventure.

Repair Your Rig's Safari Snorkel Pre-Cleaner
When you hit the trail, everything that sticks out from your 4X4's body is at increased risk of damage. Since your rig's snorkel system features a pre-cleaner that rises about the vehicle, you may bump it on limbs, rocks or other off-road hazards. Instead of ruining the look of your rig and functionality of your snorkeling system, repair your rig's pre-cleaner with the right components. Our inventory features products from ARB, designed to give you access to factory-grade products to help you make a quick fix and get back on the trail as soon as possible.

Rely on Our Knowledge
Trying to order the perfect replacement parts for your 4X4 can be challenging if you don't have a partner in the parts and accessories business. Fortunately, when you order from us, you don't have to be a parts expert. Our professionals work hard to know our inventory inside-out. As such, we are happy to help you order the perfect products for taking your rig to the next level.

Don't Delay Important Upgrades
At 4 Wheel Parts, we have the inventory, pricing and expertise you need to upgrade your machine as quickly as you want. Instead of putting off important upgrades or essential repairs, take a look at our selection and place your order today.

Air Snorkel Pre-Cleaners

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    The dusty trail wreaks havoc on your engine's air filter. A snorkel pre-cleaner prevents unnecessary dust and dirt from going through your air filter. You enjoy the off beaten path, but it could easily cost you extra money in the long run without the extra filtering. The design of the pre-cleaner enables it to use the air pressure to force the large particles of dust and debris to collect on the sides. This gives your engine cleaner air to filter. Trust with all your aftermarket off-roading needs. We have the selection and quality all at your fingertips.

    Purpose of Pre-Cleaner
    All that trail hitting causes the dust to build up. You've added a snorkel to enable you to drive through water without damaging your engine, but an added benefit is that it sucks in cleaner air than that available right above the ground. The Safari snorkel pre-filter keeps the added dust from causing problems with your engine. No need to constantly replace your air filter when you have a pre-cleaner. Even if completely full of dust, the pre-cleaner won't restrict air flow to the engine. To empty, simply disconnect the filter from the snorkel and dump out the contents. Once clean, replace the filter and get back on the trail. This is the perfect remedy for driving through the outback of Australia or through the Grand Canyon.  

    Dependable Service and Prices
    For the brands you need at the prices you love look no further than 4 Wheel Parts. Browse our online catalog for everything you need to customize your off-roader from axles to the ARB Safari snorkel pre-cleaner. We have the accessories your need to outfit your 4x4. Search by make and model or by part to find everything you want, then have it shipped directly to you. We know you can't wait for that next adventure, shop with us for quality, service and price.