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Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee AX15 Transmission Parts

Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

The AX15 transmission was used in six-cylinder Jeep engines for almost a decade, but this five-speed, standard-shift medium-duty transmission made by Aisin Warner was only used in the 1993 six-cylinder ZJ Grand Cherokee. 4 Wheel Parts stocks a large selection of replacement AX15 gearbox components along with other Jeep Cherokee transmission parts. The AX15 transmission was also used in some 1988 YJ Wranglers, XJ and MJ Cherokees and Comanches. This transmission is standard in six-cylinder Cherokees and Wranglers manufactured between 1988 and 1999. Browse or search for Jeep gearboxes for sale as well as an assortment of Grand Cherokee transmission accessories.

Repairs and Replacements
We make it easy to repair or replace an AX15 transmission. Find parts for your year model, such as a 1997 Jeep Cherokee transmission. Make sure that the components you are considering are right for your vehicle by entering your make, model and submodel into our advanced search tool and carefully reviewing part specifications prior to placing an order.

Refer to a Diagram
You may find a diagram of Jeep transmission assemblies to be helpful in planning your repairs. We make it easy to shop based on these diagrams by indicating which parts correspond to numbered components on the diagram when browsing within a category such as ZJ Grand Cherokee AX15 transmission parts. Find any parts you need, such as bushings to gear synchronizer rings, shift forks and reverse shift forks, axle wheel studs or wheel bearings. Order a replacement shift knob or shaft to make shifting gears safer and more reliable.

Low Prices
4 Wheel Parts offers low prices on transmission components, making it easy to get everything you need to complete a repair or rebuild in one place. There's no need to comparison shop before buying. If you find a lower price on any part within 90 days, we will issue a refund for the price difference.

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