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We offer a large selection of clutch linkage replacement parts for your YJ Wrangler. Dust and snow clouds billowing up from behind your Jeep are the signs of a tremendous off-roading adventure. When those same things erupt out from under your rig when you shift gears, it's time to inspect your 94 Wrangler clutch. At, we know that the greatest jeeping outings take place with standard transmissions, which is why our premium aftermarket and OEM clutch Jeep parts include the clutch release bearings, clutch timing probe grommets and the Jeep Wrangler clutch master cylinder. We carry all the high-quality parts you need to get out of the shop and back to white-knuckling down the trail where you belong.

Tough Clutch Parts That Can Take the Heat
Regardless the make or model of your favorite jeeping machine, your clutch plays a vital role in the transmission. To make sure your rig is always there for you when you need it, no matter how deep the gumbo or gnarly the path, stocks replacement clutch parts from the leading manufacturers of Crown Automotive and Omix-Ada. Swap out your existing 1992 Jeep Wrangler clutch master cylinder hose for a newer model and show your performance rig the love it deserves. Your active lifestyle requires a vehicle that can handle the terrain, so make sure your replacement parts are up to the task.

Everything You Need at the Lowest Prices
At, we put a premium on customer satisfaction. Our 100% Best Price Guarantee means you never have to worry about overpaying for the most robust parts and accessories, including our 93 Jeep Wrangler clutch line. Find one of our millions of parts cheaper somewhere else within 90-days of your purchase, and we'll match that price and refund you the difference. We also offer a customer-friendly 30-days return policy, with no restocking fees, because if our customers aren't happy, then we're not happy. Take a look around and order something today. We know we have what you need.<

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  • Omix-ADA Master Clutch Kits

    Omix-Ada Master Clutch Kit

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    Omix-ADA Clutch Housing Covers

    Omix-Ada Clutch Housing Cover

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    Crown Automotive Clutch Hydraulic Assemblies

    Crown Automotive Clutch Hydraulic Assembly
    1.0 1.0 (1)

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    Omix-ADA Clutch Kits

    Omix-Ada Clutch Kit
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    Crown Automotive Clutch Kits

    Crown Automotive Clutch Kit

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    Omix-ADA Clutch Master And Slave Cylinder Kits

    Omix-Ada Clutch Master And Slave Cylinder Kit

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    Omix-ADA Flywheels

    Omix-Ada Flywheel Manual Transmission

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    Jeep Flywheel Assembly

    Jeep Flywheel Assembly
    5.0 5.0 (1)

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    Omix-ADA Clutch Pressure Plates

    Omix-Ada Clutch Pressure Plate

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    You're driving up a hill and bringing those RPMs up to change gears, but it just doesn't happen like it should. Jeep YJ clutch systems are made to be replaced every so often. If you've just rebuilt or replaced the transmission, that is an excellent time to service or replace your clutch system as it is easily accessible. 4 Wheel Parts has your 1992 Jeep Wrangler clutch master cylinder line as well as the latest assemblies. Don't wait for your clutch to give out in the middle of your playtime, replace it before it gets to that point and don't interrupt your overland trip.

    Tips for Clutch Replacement
    One of the best ways to make the replacement go well is to work in stages. There are several bolts holding everything together. Tighten them about halfway then move across working your way around like a clock until they are all fully tightened, then torque them properly. Avoid impact tools as they can damage the parts. Working clean is important for disassembly and reassembly because of the nasty chemicals that are housed in the clutch. The best way to keep the system clean is with a water bath where you capture the water to avoid contamination. Most of the time you don't need to replace the flywheel when you do your clutch maintenance or replacement. Be sure to clean it well, but don't alter the shape in any way.

    Buy for Less has the Jeep parts for sale you need to replace your clutch system. In addition, we carry the Jeep accessories to outfit your ride and make it your dream off-road vehicle. Whether you mainly use your Jeep for your daily commute or it's seen more trails than the average, we have the parts you need at a price you can't beat. We offer in-store pick-up or ship directly to you.