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Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

Looking for new seals for your Jeep hardtop or doors? We offer a number of replacements, as well as a multitude of aftermarket products that are sure to suit your fancy. Find and order door seals and related XJ Cherokee components and accessories on 4 Wheel Parts. Enter the specifications of your vehicle including the year, model and submodel into our advanced search tool to narrow down our huge inventory of Jeep door accessories. We make it easy to find the right Jeep XJ door seals and Jeep XJ window seals. Search or browse door seal parts including molding and trim panels or accessories such as automotive door weatherstripping or window seals. Door seals can be useful for winterizing your vehicle and limiting drafts and road noise in the interior cabin.

Door and Window Seals
You can order all of the parts you need to restore or insulate the doors and windows on an XJ Cherokee on 4 Wheel Parts. Replace worn down or missing components including front glass channels and seals, door lock retainer clips or parts of the interior body of your vehicle such as molding. You can find all of the parts you need and make sure that they fit your model with our vehicle search tool and expert customer service.

Winterizing a XJ Cherokee
Find everything you need to make your XJ Cherokee more comfortable to drive year-round. Other than Jeep Cherokee door seals, you can also find automotive weatherstripping that you can apply around doors or windows as well as window sealing options.

Save on Seals
If you are looking for Jeep door seals for sale, you can save money by starting and ending your search on 4 Wheel Parts. Our 100% Price Match Guarantee ensures that you'll get any parts you order for the lowest available price. If you find the same part for less within 90 days, let us know and we'll refund the difference. We have a large selection of Jeep parts and accessories, timely shipping options and offer free pick-up at your nearest 4 Wheel Parts store.

Just because you love taking your Jeep off-roading doesn't mean you want your interior caked with mud and water. That's why you replace your Jeep Cherokee door seals with top name aftermarket or OEM replacements when they show the first signs of cracks and tears. 4WP carries an assortment of aftermarket seals from leading manufacturers like Omix and Crown Automotive.

Protect Your Jeep's Interior
Part of keeping your Jeep running at peak performance levels is practicing regular maintenance. This maintenance include replacing your Jeep XJ door weather stripping and door seals after they've seen all the fun they can handle. Here at 4WP, we have the weather stripping and seals you need to protect the interior of your Jeep. Sourced directly from Jeep factory suppliers, you know you don't have to worry about them wilting in the heat of the moment. By replacing your seals and strips with only the best aftermarket or OEM parts, you're ensuring your Jeep is always ready to answer the call for another day of jeeping through your favorite backwoods area.

Stay Dry With Tight Window Trim
You don't mind getting splashed with a little water as you ford the stream, but if your passengers complain, it might be time to replace either your Jeep XJ window trim or your passengers. 4WP can't help you with your passengers, but we do have the direct from manufacturer parts you need to reestablish the tight seal around your windows. Not only does this keep your passengers comfortable, but a tight window seal also prevents water from getting inside and causing water damage to your Jeep's interior.

Here at 4WP, we honor the service of our military personnel by offering them a military discount on all of our products. Plus, like everyone else, they get the 4 Wheel Drive Hardware price guarantee coverage on our entire catalog. Check out our inventory today. We know you'll find something you need.

When you want to keep the weather on the outside, your Jeep XJ door seals block out the wind, rain, snow, and dust. A whistle or cold draft when driving at highway speeds usually indicates your weatherstripping is in less than perfect condition, but it doesn't have to stay that way. Protect your Jeep Cherokee's interior in just a short time by changing out the door seals from 4WP.

Why Do Door Seals Wear Out?
The mud caked onto your door sills gets there from your boots and pants, and the same grime sticks to your door seals at the bottom. Doors open and close thousands of times, and extreme temperature changes take their toll on rubber parts especially. It's not uncommon for weather seals to crack, tear, or wear but Jeep XJ weather stripping can be changed quickly to block the elements out once again.

How to Change Jeep XJ Weather Stripping
After five to ten years, you're bound to see some wear on weatherstrips on high-traffic areas like the driver's door, but it's a low-cost item to change. With the door sill trim removed, just pull the weatherstrip off the crimped body lip. If you encounter any other fasteners, remove them to finish taking the old part off. Then, press the new door seal into place before wrapping up by installing the trim.

What Do Jeep XJ Door Seals Cost?
This quick and easy job is also rather inexpensive to swap out and can be done almost anywhere. The seal itself ranges in price depending on your Jeep Cherokee year and trim level, as well as which door's seal you're replacing. Expect each weatherstrip to cost around $100 or so from popular brands like Omix-ADA.

At 4WP, you'll find all the exterior body parts you need to maintain your truck including Jeep XJ window trim and door seals. If you need assistance finding the right part for your Jeep, our service professionals would be happy to help, and purchase with confidence with our 100% money back guarantee.

13 Product Groups
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     Omix-ADA Door Weather Seals

    Omix-ADA Door Weather Seals

    Omix-Ada Door Seals

    From $143.99

    4.2 4.2 (75)
     Crown Automotive Window Glass Weatherstrip

    Crown Automotive Window Glass Weatherstrip

    Crown Automotive Window Glass Weatherstrip

    From $12.99

    5.0 5.0 (3)
     Omix-ADA Door Glass Edge Seals

    Omix-ADA Door Glass Edge Seals

    Omix-Ada Door Glass Seal

    From $114.99

    4.5 4.5 (20)

    Crown Automotive Exterior Door Handles

    Crown Automotive Exterior Door Handles

    From $13.99

    4.7 4.7 (45)

    Crown Automotive Door Hinge Pin

    Crown Automotive Door Hinge Pin

    From $1.99

    4.0 4.0 (4)

    Omix-ADA Interior Door Handles

    Omix-Ada Door Handles

    From $15.99

    4.3 4.3 (52)

    Crown Automotive Door Lock And Window Switch Assembly

    Crown Automotive Door Lock And Window Switch Assembly

    From $139.99

    Omix-ADA Exterior Door Handles

    Omix-Ada Exterior Door Handle

    From $19.99

    4.6 4.6 (20)

    Crown Automotive Window Crank Handles

    Crown Automotive Window Crank Handle

    From $11.99

    4.0 4.0 (10)

    Omix-ADA Interior Door Trim Panel

    Omix-ADA Interior Door Trim Panel

    From $66.99

    RT Off-Road Exterior Door Handles

    RT Off-Road Exterior Door Handles

    From $239.99

    4.0 4.0 (2)

    Omix-ADA Door Ajar Switches

    Omix-Ada Door Ajar Switch

    From $14.99

    Omix-ADA Door Lock Rod Retainers

    Omix-Ada Door Lock Rod Retainer

    From $0.99

    5.0 5.0 (3)
    When you’re racing off-road, slinging up debris or crossing shallow streams, you want to keep the elements out of your Jeep’s interior. At the same time, you want to keep the cool air inside from escaping into the summer heat. Investing in high-quality Jeep XJ window trim can help you accomplish both of these goals.

    Choose the Right Material
    Most automotive weather stripping is made plastic and rubber. The tough material is flexible enough to mold onto Jeep windows, around doors, and under trunks to keep your interior clean and dry. Rubber, especially if it is coated in protective silicon, does not melt under the hot sun, making it ideal for vehicles exposed to harsh, direct sunlight while off-roading.

    Find the Best Brands
    Low-quality weather stripping can’t handle the harsh life of off-roading. Being exposed to intensely-hot temperatures, doused in water, and frozen during the winter puts a strain on your Jeep body weather seal, so you know you need one made with quality rubber. 4WP carries weather stripping and seals from top brands like RT Off-Road, Jeep, Crown Automotive and Omix-Ada. A Jeep Cherokee window trim seal made by these brands is sure to hold up under the elements.

    Unbeatable Prices
    At 4WP, we believe that you should never be forced to choose between quality and price. That’s why we are committed to giving you the lowest prices possible for Jeep XJ door seals. We are so dedicated to our mission that we offer a 90-day price matching guarantee to ensure that you never overpay for Jeep replacement door parts when you shop with us. Because we have more than 50 years of experience in the jeeping industry, you know that you can trust us to have the best Jeep components available. We know that we have the right part in stock, so shop with us today

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