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Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee 4.7L Air Intakes

Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

Help your 4.7 Grand Cherokee breath with the replacement parts it needs. 4 Wheel Parts has a large selection of quality replacement parts for your WJ's intake. Whether you drive on the highway or down rough-cut trails, you expect your Jeep's systems to function perfectly and deliver a high-performance ride. Of course, if your rig can't breathe properly, its engine simply cannot produce dominating results. Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we have the WJ Grand Cherokee 4.7L air intake parts you need to repair or upgrade your Jeep.

Parts for New and Vintage Jeeps
Buying parts for your vintage Cherokee can be difficult if you don't know where to look. Whether you want to review a 2000 Jeep Cherokee exhaust system diagram or a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 vacuum hose diagram, we have you covered. Our inventory features components from the top parts manufacturers in the 4X4 world. If our diagrams don't help you locate the perfect components for maintaining, repairing or modifying your rig, check with one of our parts experts for assistance. We have the parts and vehicle knowledge to help you make the best possible purchase.

Upgraded Exhaust Components
If you don't have a functional exhaust system, your rig's engine may feel sluggish or weak. You may also fail an emissions test, leaving you unable to drive your Jeep. With our 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee exhaust system diagram, you choose the right parts for restoring your rig's performance. For a new vehicle, check out our 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee exhaust system diagram and order the parts you need to make a quick fix and get back on the trail.

Daily Deals and Other Offers
At 4 Wheel Parts, we work hard to be your one-stop source for 4X4 parts and accessories. With our extensive inventory of top-quality products, we pass savings directly through to you. We also stand by our commitment never to overcharge you for the components you need to get the most out of your off-roader. Take a look at our daily deals and other offers and place your order today.

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     Omix-ADA Air Filters

    Omix-ADA Air Filters

    Omix-Ada Air Filters

    From $11.99

    Dorman Crankcase Vent Tube

    Dorman Crankcase Vent Tube

    From $5.99

    Crown Automotive Cabin Air Filters

    Crown Automotive Cabin Air Filter

    From $10.99

    5.0 5.0 (3)

    Omix-ADA PCV Valves

    Omix-Ada PCV Valve

    From $24.99

    Omix-ADA Engine Valve Cover Gaskets

    Omix-Ada Engine Valve Cover Gasket

    From $10.99

    RT Off-Road Throttle Body Spacer Kits

    RT Off-Road Throttle Body Spacer Kit

    From $29.99

    4.0 4.0 (2)

    Crown Automotive PCV Valve Elbow

    Crown Automotive PCV Valve Elbow

    From $1.99

    5.0 5.0 (1)

    Omix-ADA Ambient Air Temperature Sensors

    Omix-Ada Ambient Air Temperature Sensors

    From $76.99

    Crown Automotive Crankcase Tube Vent Fitting

    Crown Automotive Crankcase Tube Vent Fitting

    From $3.99

    5.0 5.0 (2)

    Omix-ADA Cabin Air Filters

    Omix-Ada Cabin Air Filter

    From $12.99

    4.0 4.0 (3)