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Jeep Vintage Model 25/27 Front Axles

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The Dana 30 replaced the Dana 27 and is still used in all Jeeps produced today. The Dana axle is a familiar part to many jeepers. Working on this definitive Jeep component is a kind of rite of passage for custom builders and hobbyists alike. If this is the first time that you're working on your own axle, don't let all of the apparent complexity steer you away from the job in front of you. We took the time to make an interactive Dana 30 front axle parts diagram to help you visualize exactly what you need. If you've been working on Jeep axles for a while, welcome to the resource center, complete with high-quality parts and OEM replacements for all of your Dana axle needs.

Adaptable Parts
As you might expect, the different Dana axles share many of the same parts. That's why you can use the picture here as a Dana 44 front axle diagram as well, provided you check all of the parts for compatibility before you complete your purchase. Most everything in our catalog is fully described with everything you want to know. After all, we want you to get all of the right parts you need to complete your job.

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At, we aim to be the biggest and best off-roading supply company, so we're willing to handle a little friendly competition. If you happen to find a lower price advertised at any of our approved competitors, let us know before you place your order. We are happy to match those prices, and of course we also include our great customer service and high-tech order fulfillment along with your purchase. Whether you're getting replacement components, such as Dana 35 front axle parts, or something to upgrade your 4x4, such as a winch or hitch, we are proud to have exactly what you need. Shop around if you want, but make sure to come back to us when it's time to make your purchase.

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Omix-ADA Axle Oil Seals

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