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Jeep TJ Wrangler Tailgate Parts

Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

4 Wheel Parts has all the essential Jeep parts you need for your personal Jeep project including tailgate accessories and seals. Your Jeep carries you everywhere you want to go, from cruising down paved highways to tearing up uneven off-road trails. Because you take as much pride in your ride's appearance as you do in it's performance, you are committed to using the best parts possible to modify and enhance your vehicle after an off-road accident damages your tailgate. When you need a Jeep Wrangler tailgate replacement, trust to offer you a fantastic selection of aftermarket components from trusted, high-quality brands such as Omix-Ada and Crown Automotive. From pins and brackets to hinges, tailgates and seals, we have all of the Jeep Wrangler tailgate parts you need to beef up your ride.

Find the Right Parts
Your last off-roading adventure ended in disaster when you slid down a steep incline and collided with a tree, damaging your Jeep TJ tailgate. You don't want your ride to look like a beater, so you want to get it fixed as quickly as possible. With so many brands and parts to choose from, the enhancement process becomes overwhelming until you turn to 4 Wheel Parts.

We know that your busy off-road lifestyle doesn't leave you much time to search for the right parts to enhance your vehicle. Save time by browsing our helpful 2004 Jeep Wrangler parts diagram. If you still aren't sure about which part is best, ask our team of experts to get great advice on components and installation.

Pay the Right Price
The new suspension you just purchased drained your off-road budget for the next several months, so when you need a new tailgate, you need an affordable one. At 4 Wheel Parts, you will find a superior selection of high-quality components for reasonable prices. You can feel confident when you shop with us because of our 100% price-matching guarantee. We know that we have the perfect tailgate for your ride, so shop with us today to find the quality service you need to get back to the off-road trails.

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    When you choose to go out for a weekend off-roading in your upgraded Jeep, you rely on the bed to hold everything you need from camping equipment to tools to snacks, so you can enjoy the trill of the ride without worrying where everything is going to fit or whether things will fall off the end of the Jeep. You take your Jeep on rough terrain where a faulty tailgate would dump your useful items all over the trail. But you're not about to waste time strapping your items down with bungie cables when you can easily repair and upgrade your Jeep Wrangler tailgate parts so that everything stays put. Give yourself the freedom to ride over whichever hills and bumps happen to come along without worrying about the Jeep Wrangler tailgate latch coming undone and spilling the cargo.

    Easy Upgrades and Repairs
    Make use of the easy to follow Jeep JK parts diagram available at to find the perfect parts to maximize the efficiency of your tailgate. 4 Wheel Parts stocks everything you need for an improved tailgate including steel tailgates, replacement handles, pins, brackets, seals, supports and hinges. Parts diagrams including a Jeep Hardtop parts diagram and a tailgate parts diagram are available at your fingertips so that you can rest assured you're getting exactly the parts you need. Don't let a wobbly handle or a worn seal keep your Jeep from effectively carrying everything you need; get the quality parts you need at a great price from 4 Wheel Parts.

    Amazing Quality at Amazing Prices
    When you want the best for your off-road vehicle, you can trust the precision parts available at 4 Wheel Parts. Stop by a convenient showroom near you to peruse the extensive displays of various parts or browse the vast selection of parts at Find reviews, precise descriptions, factors for getting the right fit, and much more, all for astonishing prices.