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The Tremec T150 Transmission was the 3-speed transmission found in 1976-79 Jeeps. The late 1970s was an awesome time for Jeep. If you're lucky enough to have one of these machines from 1976 to 1979, you know what fun they can be. While those years gave the world some great Jeeps, owning one means replacing transmission parts sometimes. You can kind the t150 transmission parts you need right here at

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Owners of older vehicles sometimes find themselves going from store to store trying to find just the right part for their classic beauties. We make it easier by having all the parts you need in one place. Plus, our t150 transmission diagram can help you quickly shop the exact piece you need to replace. To further refine your results, just use the drop-down menus on the page to select your Jeep's model and more.

High-Quality Parts
Your Jeep is a true classic that has withstood the test of time. As such, it deserves the best replacement parts in the business. has a Jeep t150 transmission for sale that fits the bill. We carry durable parts from trusted brands like Crown Automotive and Omix-ADA. You can feel confident in the transmission parts you use in your Jeep. It's another way we make off-roading even better.

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You shouldn't have to pay big bucks to get the perfect parts for your Jeep. That's why offers the best prices on each of our products. Whether you need a shifter boot, gasket kit, or front bearing retainer, you can get our 90-day price guarantee. If you find a lower price within 90 days of buying from us, just drop a line, and we can make up the difference. Plus, you can take advantage of our many special offers such as no sales tax or free shipping on qualifying orders. The brave men and women who have served in the military can also receive a discount on all orders.

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     Omix-ADA Manual Trans Reverse Idler Gears

    Omix-ADA Manual Trans Reverse Idler Gears

    Omix-Ada Manual Trans Reverse Idler Gear

    From $234.29

    On Sale
     Crown Automotive Manual Trans Main Shaft

    Crown Automotive Manual Trans Main Shaft

    Crown Automotive Manual Trans Main Shaft

    From $221.99

     Omix-ADA Transmission Mainshaft Assemblies

    Omix-ADA Transmission Mainshaft Assemblies

    Omix-Ada Manual Trans Mainshaft

    From $179.93

    On Sale
     Omix-ADA Manual Trans Overhaul Kits

    Omix-ADA Manual Trans Overhaul Kits

    Omix-Ada Manual Trans Overhaul Kit

    From $206.89

    On Sale
    The purpose of your Jeep's transmission is to ensure an adequate amount of power is sent to the wheels, so you are able to drive at the speed you want. There are manual and automatic transmission, and they both shift gears depending on your needs. If you are unable to maintain your transmission, then you are going to see a drop in fuel economy quickly. You are also going to experience other problems, so it is best to find high-quality T150 transmission components with 4 Wheel Parts.

    How Do You Know When It Is Time for Transmission Repair?
    You should get your Jeep serviced from time to time to know when parts are beginning to break down. However, you also want to keep an eye on signs of deterioration. One sign you need new Jeep T150 transmission parts is unexplained leakage. Pools of liquid forming beneath your Jeep when it is parked is a definite sign something has gone wrong.

    You also want to be mindful if you have begun having bumpier rides in your Jeep. Sudden jumping, stopping and jerking means your transmission is starting to fail. In many cases, these conditions manifest when you shift from one gear to the next. One final sign is if you notice long pauses when you shift between gears. Shifting would be instant and smooth. No matter what the symptom is, you need to take immediate action to get your Jeep back to excellent condition in no time.

    Find Excellent Transmission Components With 4 Wheel Parts
    You may be able to discover what exact parts you need for your vehicle by examining a T150 transmission diagram first. 4 Wheel Parts offers an array of transmission components, including shifter boots, reverse idler gear pins, front bearing retainer oil seals and much more. Order the parts you need from 4 Wheel Parts today, and enjoy free shipping on orders over $99.