Jeep M38 Body Parts - Willys M38 & Jeep Grand Cherokee Parts Diagram

Jeep M38 Body Parts

Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

Any off-road vehicle is going to rack up its share of dents and dings over a long enough period of time. Get the replacement body panel Jeep parts you need, and at great prices. If you drive a Willys M38 Jeep, you know how incredible cruising in an iconic piece of American innovation and ingenuity can be. Still, your M38 may be showing some serious signs of age. Alternatively, you may have taken an off-road turn just a little too tight, causing a bend in one of your rig's fenders. Whether you drive a 1950 Willys M38 or a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 4 Wheel Parts has the body components you need to keep your rig in tip-top shape.

Factory-Grade Parts for Vintage Jeeps
Your Willys M38 was built to last. Still, it has been decades since the last M38 rolled off the assembly line. When you need to make a repair, you know you can't scrimp on quality. We proudly feature factory-grade Willys M38 parts to help you make a smart, constructive repair or upgrade. If you need some assistance ordering the right M38 parts for your vintage Jeep, chat with one of our parts experts. We love helping to preserve Willys M38 rigs and are happy to help you fix yours.

Parts Diagrams To Help You
Ordering the best parts for repairing Jeeps can be a challenge if you don't have some help. Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we have put together a series of parts diagrams to help you order with confidence. Check out our vintage Jeep Grand Cherokee parts diagram to determine which components you need to fix your senior rig. If you drive a newer vehicle, look at our 2000 Jeep Cherokee parts diagram or our 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee parts diagram. Remember, you win when you rely on our expertise to help you make an informed purchase.

Great Deals
At 4 Wheel Parts, we always have great deals and affordable prices. With our huge inventory and fair prices, you don't have to wait to repair your Willys M38 or other Jeep. Instead, find the right components and place your order today.

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     Omix-ADA Door Weather Seals

    Omix-ADA Door Weather Seals

    Omix-Ada Door Seals
    4.5 4.5 (2)

    From $10.99

     Omix-ADA Body Kits

    Omix-ADA Body Kits

    Omix-Ada Body Kit

    From $1,285.99

     Omix-ADA Windshield Frames

    Omix-ADA Windshield Frames

    Omix-Ada Windshield Frame

    From $202.99

     Omix-ADA Top Bow Sockets

    Omix-ADA Top Bow Sockets

    Omix-Ada Top Bow Socket

    From $70.99

     Omix-ADA Windshield Frame to Cowl Weather Seals

    Omix-ADA Windshield Frame to Cowl Weather Seals

    Omix-Ada Windshield Frame To Cowl Weather Seal

    From $20.99

     Omix-ADA Replacement Hoods

    Omix-ADA Replacement Hoods

    Omix-Ada Hood
    4.0 4.0 (2)

    From $177.99

     Omix-ADA Hood Hinges

    Omix-ADA Hood Hinges

    Omix-Ada Hood Hinge

    From $41.99

     Omix-ADA Top Cowl Panels

    Omix-ADA Top Cowl Panels

    Omix-Ada Top Cowl Panel

    From $173.99

     Rugged Ridge Hood Catch Kits

    Rugged Ridge Hood Catch Kits

    Rugged Ridge Hood Catch
    5.0 5.0 (14)

    From $102.99

     Rugged Ridge Side Mirror Kits

    Rugged Ridge Side Mirror Kits

    Rugged Ridge Side Mirror Kits
    3.7 3.7 (3)

    From $50.99

     Omix-ADA Blackout Light Brackets

    Omix-ADA Blackout Light Brackets

    Omix-Ada Blackout Light Bracket

    From $61.99

     Omix-ADA Replacement Steel Fenders

    Omix-ADA Replacement Steel Fenders

    Omix-Ada Replacement Steel Fenders

    From $100.99

     Rugged Ridge Side Step

    Rugged Ridge Side Step

    Rugged Ridge Side Step

    From $186.99

     Omix-ADA Windshield Pivot Bolts

    Omix-ADA Windshield Pivot Bolts

    Omix-Ada Windshield Pivot Bolt

    From $10.99

     Omix-ADA Side Panels

    Omix-ADA Side Panels

    Omix-Ada Side Panel

    From $143.99

     Omix-ADA Cowl Side Steps

    Omix-ADA Cowl Side Steps

    Omix-Ada Side Step

    From $295.99

     Omix-ADA Rear Body Panels

    Omix-ADA Rear Body Panels

    Omix-Ada Rear Body Panel

    From $266.99

    Omix-ADA Top Bow Storage Brackets

    Omix-Ada Top Bow Storage Bracket

    From $2.99

    Omix-ADA Seat Pivot Retainers

    Omix-Ada Seat Pivot Retainer

    From $2.99

    Omix-ADA Top Bow Brackets

    Omix-Ada Top Bow Bracket

    From $14.99

    Omix-ADA Tool Box Lids

    Omix-Ada Tool Box Lid

    From $53.99

    Omix-ADA Headlight Bezels

    Omix-Ada Headlight Bezel

    From $14.99

    Omix-ADA Rear Body Corner Panels

    Omix-Ada Rear Body Corner Panel

    From $306.99

    Omix-ADA Wheel Wells

    Omix-Ada Wheel Well

    From $233.99

    Omix-ADA Axe Sheaths

    Omix-Ada Axe Sheaths

    From $16.99

    Omix-ADA Tool Compartment and Lids

    Omix-Ada Tool Compartment Lid

    From $260.99

    Omix-ADA Center Floor Pannel Assembly

    Center Floor Panel Assembly

    From $1,012.99

    Omix-ADA Windshield Adjusting Arm Assemblies

    Omix-Ada Windshield Adjusting Arm Assembly

    From $48.99

    Omix-ADA Dash Panels

    Omix-Ada Dash Panel

    From $137.99

    Omix-ADA Spare Tire Carriers

    Omix-Ada Spare Tire Carrier

    From $217.99

    Omix-Ada Windshield Hood Rest

    Omix-Ada Windshield Hood Rest

    From $14.99

    Omix-ADA Door Hinge Sockets

    Omix-Ada Door Hinge Socket

    From $10.99

    Omix-ADA Instrument Cluster Panels

    Omix-Ada Instrument Cluster Panel

    From $26.99

    Omix-ADA Shovel Brackets

    Omix-Ada Shovel Bracket

    From $19.99

    Omix-ADA Seat Frames

    Omix-Ada Seat Frame

    From $259.99

    Omix-ADA Front Bumpers

    Omix-Ada Front Bumpers

    From $117.99

    Omix-ADA Frame Outrigger Brackets

    Omix-Ada Frame Outrigger Bracket

    From $20.99

    Omix-ADA Windshield Glass Seals

    Omix-Ada Windshield Glass Seal

    From $20.99

    Omix-ADA Radio Receptacle Brackets

    Omix-Ada Radio Receptacle Bracket

    From $22.99

    Omix-ADA Floor Drain Hole Covers

    Omix-Ada Floor Drain Hole Cover

    From $15.99

    Omix-ADA Fuel Tank Grommets

    Omix-Ada Fuel Tank Grommet

    From $10.99

    Omix-ADA Windshield Vent Handle Kits

    Omix-Ada Windshield Vent Handle Kit

    From $39.99

    Omix-ADA Frame Crossmembers

    Omix-Ada Frame Crossmember

    From $106.99

    Omix-ADA Footman Loops

    Omix-Ada Footman Loop

    From $10.99

    Omix-ADA Seat Pivot Brackets

    Omix-Ada Seat Pivot Bracket

    From $35.99

    Omix-ADA Tire Carrier Mounting Bracket Retainers

    Omix-Ada Tire Carrier Mounting Bracket Retainer

    From $1.99

    Omix-ADA Grilles

    Omix-Ada Grille

    From $247.99

    Omix-ADA Machine Gun Mounting Brackets

    Omix-Ada Machine Gun Mounting Bracket

    From $35.99

    Omix-ADA Floor Support L Brackets

    Omix-Ada Floor Support L Bracket

    From $17.99

    Omix-ADA Ventilator Covers

    Omix-Ada Ventilator Cover

    From $44.99

    Omix-ADA Glove Box Doors

    Omix-Ada Glove Box Door

    From $35.99

    Omix-ADA Transmission Access Covers

    Omix-Ada Transmission Access Cover

    From $4.99

    Omix-ADA Suspension Pivot Brackets

    Omix-Ada Suspension Pivot Bracket

    From $13.99

    Omix-ADA Windshield Adjusting Arm Thumb Bolts

    Omix-Ada Windshield Adjusting Arm Thumb Bolt

    From $14.99

    Omix-ADA Windshield Frame Seals

    Omix-Ada Windshield Frame Seal

    From $9.99

    Omix-ADA Jerry Can Carriers

    Omix-Ada Jerry Can Carrier

    From $95.99

    Omix-ADA Windshield Ventilation Cover Kits

    Omix-Ada Windshield Ventilation Cover Kit

    From $79.99

    Omix-ADA V-Frame Brackets

    Omix-Ada V-Frame Bracket

    From $51.99

    Omix-Ada Cowl Side Panel

    Omix-Ada Cowl Side Panel

    From $178.99

    Omix-ADA Firewall Panels

    Omix-Ada Firewall Panel

    From $119.99

    Omix-ADA Headlight Brush Guards

    Omix-Ada Headlight Brush Guard

    From $61.99

    Omix-ADA Master Cylinder Access Plates

    Omix-Ada Master Cylinder Access Plate

    From $22.99