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Take your clutch game to the next level and make your Jeep's manual transmission shifting smooth as fresh-paved asphalt with Jeep CJ clutch parts for sale and CJ7 clutch linkage accessories. Your Jeep CJ series deserves only the best parts to bring it to like-new condition, whether you're restoring an old vehicle or repairing your current rig to tear up the tracks and go diving down your favorite off-roading trails.

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With our vehicle model selector and parts picker, you'll always choose the right part from an automatically generated list of those compatible with your vehicle year, make, and model. Use the Jeep CJ5 clutch linkage diagram and Jeep CJ7 clutch linkage diagram to identify your parts and match them against what you're looking for, to make sure you're selecting exactly what you need. We strive to provide the information and support needed for you to make smart buying choices, and always get what you want.

Multiple Brands and Components
We carry Crown Automotive, Omix-ADA, and Hays, with an extensive list of parts available to meet your needs. Whether you need a standard shift flywheel or a bellcrank bushing, a rubber pedal cover or an adjustable clutch release rod, we have the parts needed to replace and assemble a complete clutch system or only the one component you require.

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Not satisfied with your products? We'll make sure you're satisfied with our service. We offer one of the easiest return services in the industry, and with just a quick phone call or a point and click you can have a replacement part on the way ASAP. At we commit ourselves to making returns and reorders as painless as possible, and will work with you to match the right parts to ensure you find exactly what you seek. Trust us as your partners in off-roading, and as vital members of the community building a position of trust.

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    You love taking your vintage Jeep CJ off-roading. The lack of doors gives the wind the freedom to whip through your hair making you feel alive. It has all the capabilities you need to enjoy that adventure. Don't get caught on a windy path with your foot hitting the floorboard because the clutch gave out. Due to their design, the CJ7 clutch linkage can disconnect when the body of the CJ gets twisted. Replace it with a new clutch linkage from that won't disconnect regardless of where you travel.

    When To Replace
    The last CJ was made in the ‘80s that means that your CJ will no doubt need a little TLC to get the most out of your next overland expedition. You've driven your CJ across the country and those accumulated miles can lower the performance of your clutch. When determining the root cause of the clutch slippage, look beyond just the pressure plates and ball bearings going bad. The linkage itself may be completely worn out. It is not an uncommon problem, but an easy enough fix. The new clutch rod assemblies are stronger than their factory counterparts and provide more accurate engagement in the clutch itself. Using a Jeep CJ7 clutch linkage diagram, you can replace the system and get back out there. Nature is calling.

    How To Order
    4 Wheel Parts offers easy search to get the right CJ7 or CJ5 clutch linkage you need to upgrade your ride for maximum performance. With the stronger rods manufactured today, your vehicle can go longer and farther on those twists and turns than the ones of old. Keep the vintage look that you love with the performance and standards you've come to expect from modern manufacturing. Plug in your year, make and model and find the exact parts you need with fast, easy shipping or in-store pick-up available to get you back in the wild.