Dashboard Parts & Accessories

Protect your dash from dirt, dust, cracking, and fading with a custom dashboard overlay.

The dashboard of your 4x4 may not be the first thing you think of when you consider the most important features of your vehicle, but having all that information available at a glance is handy. It's also an important part of the appearance of your interior. Experienced off-roaders understand that a dashboard is more than just a simple instrument panel cover and gauges. It's the control center and the cockpit, not to mention it contains several useful dashboard accessories to make your drive easier or more comfortable. Shop 4WheelParts.com for the largest selection of gauge covers and accessories at the best prices.

A Focus on Service
When we consider offering a specific gauge cover for sale, the candidate has to go through the same rigorous selection process as any other part we offer. Our commitment to great service is only possible because we offer high-quality parts and accessories: Truck and Jeep owners rarely have any issues with our parts. That lets us focus on what we do best: Offering great prices and quick shipping on a huge selection of items.

When To Replace Your Dash
Most people end up shopping for an instrument cluster cover during restorations or repairs. Depending on how you use or store your 4x4, the materials on these panels weather faster than a gently used daily driver's gauge cover would. Apart from catastrophic damage, consider replacing your cover if you're seeing cracks, surface damage and bleaching, especially if you're thinking about putting your truck up for sale. A little interior upgrade goes a long way in this case.

Beyond the Panel
We understand that you might only want to replace a small faulty switch rather than swap out a whole panel. That's why we carry everything separately, right down to the screws and hardware. You can even pick up a new dash lighter: The most commonly misplaced truck part in history. Make sure you've selected everything you need to complete your job, and then place your order today.