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When you're out scaling mountains and sand dunes on the weekends, you occasionally hit a bump or two in the road. Sometimes that bump comes in the form of a big rock, or a really big rock. Sometimes that bump is a boulder. No matter what size of obstacles of nature come across your path, you want to know that your off-roader can hold up to it. Excellent boulder crawling starts with an excellent suspension system, and an excellent suspension system starts with a good parts. When you need your Jeep, truck, or SUV to handle the rigors of off-road driving, you may want to rebuild your own coil over shocks. Well the makers at Fabtech are here to help, and at 4 Wheel Parts, we want to help too.

Coil Over Shocks for Off-Roading
Rebuilding your own coil over shocks is a great way to prevent damage to your suspension system, and eventually other important parts of your vehicle as well. Think of it this way, if the occasional pothole or ridiculous-sized speed bump is going to wear down your suspension fast, the type of bumps and bruises you're about to put on it are going to do worse. If you're trying to rebuild that coil, you are going to need the right tools. The Fabtech Shock Absorber Wrench is going to get you through the coil rebuilding, and you can find it here at 4 Wheel Parts.

Shock Absorber Wrenches
The auto parts engineers at Fabtech know their stuff when it comes to suspension. The company has been dominating the suspension parts and accessories market for years now. This world-class suspension parts manufacturer only offers the best of everything, so you know they've got the technology down on spanning wrenches too. At 4 Wheel Parts, we offer the shock absorber wrenches by Fabtech as well as many other suspension parts and accessories from the manufacturing giant, and we don't jack up the prices either. Find the shock absorber wrench you need from Fabtech here today, and get started rebuilding your dream machine.

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Fabtech Spanner Wrench - FTS98005


Fabtech Spanner Wrench - FTS98005

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Fabtech Spanner Wrench - FTS98008