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Omix-ADA Oil Can Mounting Brackets

Omix-Ada Oil Can Mounting Bracket

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You want to make sure all your tools and auto supplies are within easy reach in your garage. The last thing you want to do is walk around your garage for 30 minutes trying to find something and waste valuable time that could be spent fixing your vehicle. Luckily, you are able to make things a little bit easier on yourself by getting an oil bottle holder. Different holders are available that are capable of carrying different weights. These garage shelves allow you to know exactly where you left that bottle.

Different Oil Carriers Available
You are able to acquire a motor oil bottle holder that is able to hold two, four or six quarts. The best one for you most likely depends on how many vehicles you typically have to perform maintenance on.

Holders Go in Your Garage or Trunk
Another advantage to these carriers is that you are able to keep them wherever it is most convenient. Some drivers want to keep their holders in the garage to perform their own oil changes. Others think it is best to keep the holder filled with bottles in the trunk. This allows you to swap out oil even when you are on the go.

Benefits of Keeping Oil Out of Harm's Way
You do not want bottles of motor oil rolling around the trunk. If a bottle bursts, then it becomes an immense hassle to clean up, especially if there is carpeting inside. Even in your garage, loose bottles of oil are a hazard. You would not want anyone accidentally tripping over a bottle.

Holders Are a Must-Have for Any Jeep Enthusiast
A durable motor oil holder from 4WheelParts.com is a small investment to know exactly where you last put your oil. We promise the lowest prices around, which is why we back up every product with a 90-day price match guarantee. 

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