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Transmission is everything for any off-roader - four-wheel drive gives your Jeep the traction and power to blast over rock, mud, snow and everything else off the beaten path without getting stuck or strained. Full-time 4WD is the norm, but some jeepers seek extra control on rough terrain. Part-time 4WD is the answer, and you can get it without a full replacement by using a transfer case conversion kit from 4 Wheel Parts.

More Rugged, More Controlled

Converting full time 4x4 to part time may seem odd since full-time runs just as well on pavement as off it, while part-time has to be disengaged on dry paved roads. However, part-time improves fuel economy and lessens wear with only two wheels running most of the time. When rough terrain shows up, engaging the 4WD grants enhanced traction that can be pushed even further by shifting into low range. This on-demand power is why heavy-duty off-roaders make the switch.

Refine Your Off-Roading

Partnered with Mile Marker, 4 Wheel Parts offers 4x4 conversion kits for many Jeep makes and models, making part-time drive accessible for any jeeper. With high-quality components and expert instruction, you can rework your Jeep's transfer case yourself without the costs of replacement or hiring a mechanic. Our site's catalog lets you find the matching kit for your model, and our team of experts are on call for any questions you have, so you can transform your off-road experience.

90-Day Price Match Guarantee

At 4 Wheel Parts, high-quality products and expert customer service make up our commitment to our customers, but there's more to it. Because we strive for the most competitive prices available in the market, every order from our site is backed by a price match guarantee - we'll refund the difference if you find a competitor selling the same product for less. Shop with us in confidence - no need to skimp on quality when you know there are no better deals

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    A transfer case part time conversion kit is the perfect investment for any Jeep, truck or SUV when you want to use two-wheel drive part-time but keep your awesome four-wheel drive capability. Sure, you bought your four-wheel drive vehicle so you could drive it in all kinds of conditions. You love the thrill of throttling up your engine and doing some serious off-roading and four-wheel drive helps you do that, but the four-wheel drive truck or SUV you love for your many adventures in rough terrain won't perform at its best when you're on dry pavement or you're going cross-country on the highways or in the city.

    The Best of Both Worlds
    Keep on climbing those mountains, fording those streams and tackling terrain that would defeat most vehicles. Your four-wheel drive provides the power and traction you need, but it lowers your gas mileage and requires a lot of power. When you take your vehicle cross-country, two-wheel drive will give you superior mileage and reduce your energy needs. 4 Wheel Parts offers a np203 part time conversion kit for any four-wheel drive truck, Jeep or SUV available that quickly converts your off-roading wonder to a two-wheel drive dream that performs flawlessly on highways and in the city with improved gas mileage and outstanding performance, then switches to four-wheel drive when the going gets rough.

    Get Your 203 Transfer Case Conversion Kit ASAP
    Ordering a transfer case conversion kit is quick, easy and inexpensive at We offer the largest inventory of after-market parts available for Jeeps, trucks and SUVs. Whether you're off-roading with friends or taking that cross-country cruise you've been dreaming of, we have the parts and equipment you need at the right price and we back it with our satisfaction guarantee. Order your kit today and discover why so many off-road drivers depend on 4 Wheel Parts' service.

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