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Crown Automotive Rear Transfer Case Halves

Crown Automotive Rear Case Half

From $98.99

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Omix-ADA Transmission Access Covers

Omix-Ada Transmission Access Cover

From $4.99

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Omix-ADA Transfer Case Housing Covers

Omix-Ada Transfer Case Housing Cover

From $136.99

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Whether you are maneuvering on icy roads or carving your own path through the wilderness, you rely on your 4X4 to deliver a high-power, high-performance ride. For the drive you need to dominate on the trail, your truck, Jeep or SUV relies on its transfer case. To protect this important component from damage, you need a high-quality transfer case cover. is your one-stop shop for the best transfer case accessories on the 4X4 parts market.

Protect Your Transfer Case
To get power from your 4X4's transmission to its wheels, it relies on a transfer case. Since the transfer case is a closed system, you must be sure dirt, dust, moisture and other debris stays out of it. As such, driving with a cracked, damaged or worn truck or Jeep transfer case cover is a recipe for disaster. When you order from our inventory, you choose top-quality covers that are specifically designed to keep your rig's transfer case operating perfectly. Made with strong materials and durable construction, these cases mount directly to your vehicle's transfer case. For a proper fit, be sure you use high-quality hardware.

Improve Your Vehicle's Appearance
In lifted or tall vehicles, the transfer case is visible. Because you care about the way your rig looks, you don't want to worry about what a tarnished, faded or damaged Jeep or truck transfer case cover says about you. Instead, you prefer to show off your personal sense of style by installing only the best transfer case covers. Available in a variety of styles and finishes, our selection of transfer case covers helps improve the overall look of your vehicle.

Order Today
At 4 Wheel Parts, we are in business to help you get the most out of your off-road vehicle. Whether you want to make a quick repair or completely change your rig's setup, we have you covered. Our inventory of transfer case covers for sale helps you turn your boring vehicle into an off-road monster. Check out our selection of affordable case covers and order one for your 4X4 today.

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Omix-ADA NP242 Transfer Case Rear Housing Cover - 18680.05


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  • Omix-ADA Transmission/Transfer Case Access Cover - 12023.39


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  • Crown Automotive Case Half Rear - 4886373AA


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  • Auto Trans Access Cover Bolt


    • Fits 1987 to 2002 Wrangler
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  • Omix-ADA Center Front Transmission Panel - 12027.02


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