G2 Axle And Gear Wheel Studs

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G2 Axle & Gear Wheel Studs

G2 Axle and Gear Wheel Stud

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When you're out on the trail, the last thing you're expecting to have to worry about is whether or not your wheel is going to fall off of your Jeep. Although its easy for drivers to spot damage to large, easily accessible parts of your Jeep, you should also be sure to keep careful watch on smaller parts, which can be just as catastrophic to your ride when they fail. One easily overlooked part of every vehicle are the lug studs which keep your tires mounted. If one or more of your studs fail, the wheel can become fully dislodged, so don't let this small detail slip or you'll pay for it severely when your axle or frame take massive damage. With these G2 axle and gear wheel lug stud sets you'll get studs you can rely on to withstand all the punishment you have in store on the trails ahead.

Early Warning Signs
Damaged studs are not something you can ride on for awhile and wait until the damage is severe before you worry about them. If you spot signs of damaged lug studs, get replacement studs immediately. The most easily noticeable signs of stud damage are rust around the threads of the stud, or deterioration of the threading itself. Be sure to check all your studs when replacing or rotating your tires, and replace them at any sign of damage before it's too late.

Our Prices Can't Be Beat
We are proud of the reputation we have with our customers who know that we provide the best brands at the most affordable prices. If you see any product in your order available at a lower price, get in touch within 90 days of purchase and we'll match it. With 4 Wheel Parts you can shop secure in the knowledge that you're getting quality lug studs and will never overpay.

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G2 1/2 Inch 20 X 1.5 Inch Screw In Wheel Stud - 95-1220-1


G2 1/2 Inch 20 X 1.5 Inch Screw In Wheel Stud - 95-1220-1

G2 1/2 Inch 20 X 2 Inch Screw In Wheel Stud - 95-1220-2


G2 1/2 Inch 20 X 2 Inch Screw In Wheel Stud - 95-1220-2
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