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    Crown Automotive Drive Shaft Slip Yoke Seal

    Crown Automotive Drive Shaft Slip Yoke Seal

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    When you are walking on ice, slipping is a bad thing. When you are navigating a rough-cut trail behind the wheel of your high-performance off-road machine, slipping is essential. To get the most out of your machine, you must expect exceptional performance from its drive shaft. The shaft, of course, uses a slip yoke assembly to flex at the appropriate time. As such, you must do what you can to keep your vehicle's slip yoke in tip-top shape. Here at, we have the slip yoke felt for sale you need to get the most out of your machine.

    Protect Your Vehicle's Slip Yoke
    Mud, rocks, snow and dust make off-roading exciting. Unfortunately, they can also wreak havoc on your vehicle's essential systems. To keep trail debris from destroying your vehicle's drive train, you need an OEM replacement slip yoke felt. These parts fit securely inside the slip yoke to provide a water-tight seal. To be sure you are ordering the right drive shaft slip yoke felt for trucks, Jeeps or SUVs, use our select vehicle tool. Alternatively, chat with one of our parts experts. We are happy to help you better understand the drive shaft parts in our inventory.

    Rely on Us
    At 4 Wheel Parts, we work hard to be your partner in the 4X4 parts and accessories business. Whether you need a complete drive shaft slip yoke assembly or are only looking to install a felt, we have you covered. Even though we have exactly what you need to off-road we confidence, we never ask you to pay a premium for the components we sell. Instead, we offer everyday low prices, clearance specials and daily deals to stretch your trail budget. We also pledge to match any better deal you happen to find elsewhere. Spend a few minutes looking through our expansive inventory and order essential parts for your vehicle's drive shaft today.

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