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Unfortunately, we couldn't find parts that match your vehicle in this category. Please return to home page or call a customer service representative at 877-474-4821 for assistance with finding the parts you need for your vehicle.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find parts that match your vehicle in this category. Please return to home page or call a customer service representative at 877-474-4821 for assistance with finding the parts you need for your vehicle.

When you and your truck are hauling a load, nothing should hold you back. So don't let a flimsy drivetrain or a malfunctioning differential keep your load-bearing beast from operating at peak efficiency. carries the Detroit Locker Differentials you need to keep your hauling game strong. With new parts, you can gain better power, more traction, and better hauling capabilities. Also, you'll be able to maintain better traction when cornering, retaining greater control of your rig. Whether you're trying to repair your differential or just upgrade it, new parts allow you to take on heavier stresses, ensuring that each load you haul is heavier than the last.

Trustworthy and Rugged Parts has all the Detroit Locker Differentials you need to get your truck back in control of the road, doing what it does best. Our massive selection of OEM parts and accessories stocks only the most trusted and rugged brands. Whether you're trying to add more traction to your truck, or simply repairing an old, worn-out drivetrain, we have everything you're looking for. Many of our parts come in both universal and brand-name fits, because we know you want to customize your truck to the best of your ability.

Affordable Prices On Every Product
Hauling a heavier load than you ever have before is truly a sight to see. gets this, which is why we want to give truck owners like you the best parts we can at the best prices anywhere. We offer free shipping on any order over $99. Plus, with our 100% Price Check Guarantee, you get 90 days after you purchase your items to find the same item sold elsewhere at a lower price. If you do, we'll not only match the lower price, but we'll refund you the difference. Purchase your new parts today from and get back on the road as soon as you can.

You're in your Wrangler with the gang and you may have taken off a bit more than you can chew as you switchback up a rocky incline, edging along some dubious cliffs that drop for what seems like miles below. Suddenly you feel it. Your rear wheel has slipped on some loose gravel and you almost panic as it slides towards the precipice. It might be time to evacuate and carefully push or tow your rig to safety. If you have a Detroit locker differential, however, it could be as easy as pressing a button to engage the locking mechanism. With all wheels spinning at the same speed regardless of friction, you can make a quick escape and continue your journey up the mountain.

The Differences in Differentials
When you are thinking about Jeep accessories for your off-road adventures, considering the different types of high performance differentials that work best for your ride is essential. While open differentials are the standard factory stock for many Jeeps, their preference towards wheels with less traction is usually not idea for off-roaders. Locking differentials, on the other hand allow for manual or automatic alignment of left and right wheels, or even front and back axels, so that all wheels turn with the same torque and the same speed. This means that the wheels with more traction can still rotate even if one wheel is free-spinning. The sweet spot in between these two options is of course limited slips. These positraction differentials are designed to provide equal torque to all wheels when traveling straight and automatically prioritize wheels with traction when one wheel starts free-spinning.

Guaranteed Lowest Prices has the differentials you need to make the most of your off-roading experience. We offer free shipping on most orders and our high performance differentials are delivered quickly to your doorstep. With our 90-day price-match guarantee, you can feel free to shop around and search for the best price. If you find one lower than ours, we'll refund you the difference. Shop our online catalogue today.

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