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At 4 Wheel Parts, we aim to provide you with top-quality products at competitive prices. We know that when you're on the road, you want your car to be protected from damage. When you're off-roading, the bottom of your car has the most potential for damage. Rocks, mud and other debris can kick up and damage the essential parts of your car, like the differential. We have a number of damage-resistant Dynatrac differential covers available. Our covers are durable and easy to install so that your truck is ready for the road in a snap.

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Our differential covers come in a variety of styles. The Dynatrac Dana Pro Series Iron Cover option is one of our most popular. It is made from cast nodular iron and is ribbed for maximum strength. This cover, like many of our Dynatrac differential covers, is sold with mounting hardware and fill and drain plugs. Using a cover for your differential is essential to keeping that mechanism safe, but with Dynatrac covers, you are investing in the strongest and best-looking product.

Installation tools will range slightly depending on your truck. For example, if you have a Jeep Wrangler, you will use a 3/8-inch drive ratchet to remove the bolts from the differential cover, including the drain bolt. You will need a dead blow hammer to detach the cover from your Jeep. Clean both the edges of your differential and the inside of your new cover with brake cleaner. Put a line of RTV along the mating surface of the cover. Place your new cover onto the mating area of your differential and secure with your new bolts. Reinstall the gear bolt and fill with gear oil. After that, your differential will be secure and ready for the road.

If you are interested in our Dynatrac differential covers, take a look at all of our deals below and find the right cover for your truck. 4WheelParts.com has everything you need to keep your truck running like new.

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Dynatrac Dana 44 Pro Series Iron Cover - DA44-1X4033-BB


Dynatrac Dana 44 Pro Series Iron Differential Cover - DA44-1X4033-BB
On Sale

Dynatrac Dana 60 Pro Series Iron Cover - DA60-1X4033-M


Dynatrac Dana 60 Pro Series Iron Differential Cover - DA60-1X4033-M
On Sale

Dynatrac Dana 30 Pro Series Iron Cover - DA30-1X4033-B


Dynatrac Dana 30 Pro Series Iron Differential Cover - DA30-1X4033-B
On Sale

Dynatrac Dana 80 Pro Series Iron Cover - DA80-1X4033-A


Dynatrac Dana 80 Pro Series Iron Differential Cover - DA80-1X4033-A
On Sale

Dynatrac Dana 35 Pro Series Iron Cover - DA35-1X4033-B


Dynatrac Dana 35 Pro Series Iron Differential Cover - DA35-1X4033-B
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