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Clutch Slave Cylinder Return Spring

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    Omix-ADA Clutch Slave Cylinder Return Springs

    Omix-Ada Clutch Slave Cylinder Return Spring

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    Like most systems in your Jeep, your manual transmission has a great deal of moving parts involved, some of which you probably don't think about on most days. The clutch master and slave cylinders are among these, and their presence goes unnoticed when they work. When they don't, though, the transmission that carries you through off-roading trials can suddenly falter on you and threaten your safety. If you notice clutch issues while out riding, offers a solution via replacement clutch parts and kits, affordable and reliable so you can get the clutch in working order again.

    Aftermarket Aid

    The clutch slave cylinder plays a key part in your Jeep's clutch, providing hydraulic pressure to engage the clutch when you push the pedal. In turn, the return spring is vital in this cylinder - when you let go of the pedal, this spring resets the cylinder and clutch. Faulty cylinder return springs make themselves apparent when the clutch gets stuck in the ‘pressed' position and doesn't properly release, causing issues with safely shifting gears. Picking up clutch slave cylinder return springs from our online catalog is as easy as any other drivetrain parts - the site's search tools help find a proper fit to your rig's year, make and model, and our team of experts can provide further assistance.

    Our Dedication to Our Customers

    Few things are worse for a jeeper than not being able to afford the parts needed to make repairs. At, we understand because we share that same passion. This drives our efforts for excellent customer service, with expert insight and low prices on quality clutch parts you need to get your Jeep on the trail again. We even offer price matches up to 90 days after an order, free shipping on most items with orders of $75 or more, and easy returns by shipping or dropping off at a retailer. Place your order today and see what we can do for you.

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