Clutch Pedal Position Sensors

If you want to keep your rig riding as smooth as possible even as you're switching gears, you need to make sure that your clutch pedal position sensor is actually working. If it's not, you might experience a hitch in your ride or a feeling of lost control, neither of which is good. At 4 Wheel Parts, we boast a variety of performance parts designed to keep your rig running nice and smooth, including aftermarket replacement clutch sensors. If you can't find what you need to restore your ride to prime condition, chances are you're not shopping with us.

Symptoms of a Failing Clutch Sensor
Identifying a failing clutch pedal sensor is not always easy, as there are a number of things that might cause your gears to switch funny or that might make you lose control of your Jeep. However, there are two key signs you can look for to rule out other issues and identify a bad clutch pedal position sensor.

For one, you can be on the lookout for a vehicle that refuses to start. This is probably the biggest sign of a bad pedal sensor, as your sensor ensures that all gears are in proper position before it will allow the key to turn. If your gear shift is in park and the brake is on and your ignition won't turn, it's probably because of the position sensor.

Another sign of a failing pedal position sensor is a vehicle that starts without the clutch pushed in. We know, this is the exact opposite of what we said above, but it happens, and it can be extremely dangerous, as it could cause your vehicle to lurch forward as soon as you turn the key.

Stay Safe and Replace Your Bad Sensor Today
If you notice any of the two main signs of a failing sensor, shop our collection of replacement sensors today. Doing so will not only keep your vehicle in good riding condition, but it will also keep you and those around you safe. At 4 Wheel Parts, you can get a new sensor for less than anywhere else thanks to our low-price match guarantee.

Clutch Pedal Position Sensors

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