Axle Hub and Brake Drum Kit

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Crown Automotive Hub & Brake Drum Assembly

Crown Automotive Hub & Brake Drum Assembly

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Off-roading is full of thrill and excitement. It takes both a great vehicle and a great driver to navigate challenging terrains such as mud, dirt and snow. While off-roading can be inherently risky, there is no need to endanger yourself with bad parts. As a dedicated off-roading enthusiast, you know the value of keeping your ride reliable as well as decking it out with the best of the best. The quality of your adventures depends on the quality of your vehicle, and by putting in the work to keep it running well you can earn the reward of fresh air, freedom, and the ability to go places other vehicles simply couldn't.

Parts to Keep Your Vehicle Going Strong
Jeep differential is vitally important for the control and safety you have while operating your vehicle. Drivetrain parts are what keep your vehicle together and functional. Bad parts, such as worn out brake drums or axle hubs can endanger you and lower the performance of your vehicle. By paying attention to these important parts and fixing or updating them when needed, you can keep your jeep or truck in great shape and get all the control you need for the challenges presented by off-roading.

4 Wheel Parts has what you need to keep your vehicle functioning to the best of its ability. With parts for Jeeps, trucks, and SUV's you can find just what you're looking for to get the most out of your machine. Doing work on your jeep differential is simple with kits that include multiple useful parts and tools. An axle hub and brake drum kit can be a great investment to keep your jeep or truck in top condition. Aftermarket modifications can turn an ordinary vehicle into the perfect off-roader. Don't fall victim to bad parts. Update your ride with an axle hub and brake drum kit and keep it going strong for all your off-road adventures.

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Crown Automotive Axle Hub and Brake Drum Kit - J5359029


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  • Crown Automotive Axle Hub & Brake Drum Kit - J5355714


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