Outdoor Lifestyle and Camping Parts

The gear you need when your lifestyle takes you off the beaten path. Off-roaders need outdoor lifestyle and camping accessories and 4 Wheel Parts carries a full host of them. When you're looking for products like lights, coolers, generators and tents to make your next adventure comfortable, you want tools and gear you can depend on. Smittybilt, ARB 4x4 Accessories and YETI are among the leading manufacturers of outdoor parts and accessories with features tailored to outdoorsmen and women. Looking for an arctic fridge, a tent that can perch atop your 4x4 or a whisper-quiet generator? 4 Wheel Parts has all of these durable, reliable components and more.

The point of owning a truck, Jeep or SUV is to get away from civilization and enjoy the natural world. While your vehicle is capable of handling rough-cut trails, you need the right equipment to dominate off-road. You also need some camping gear essentials to better enjoy your trek into the wild. Here at 4 Wheel Parts, we are proud to be your go-to source for outdoor lifestyle and camping products.

Tents and Furniture
When you plan an overnight trip in your rig, you need a place to sleep. You may also want somewhere to hang out during inclement weather. Our inventory includes camping truck tents and other overhead shelters. After finding the perfect tent for your next trip, don't forget to order outdoor lifestyle furniture. Whether you want a collapsible chair, a travel hammock or a full-sized table, we have you covered.

Fridges, Coolers and Accessories
No trail ride is complete without some food and beer. To keep your food safe and your beer cold, check out our collection of camping accessories for sale. Fridges, coolers and other accessories for the foundation of the best outdoor gear.

If you need power on your overnight trip, your camping equipment must include a generator. With a Smittybilt generator, you have the electrical output your need to get more out of your off-road adventure. If you need some help ordering the right generator for your outdoor lifestyle, chat with one of our parts experts. We are happy to help you make a confident purchase.

Inventory, Expertise and Affordability
At 4 Wheel Parts, we are happy to have everything you need to fully enjoy your off-road vehicle. Not only can we help you replace damage components with factory-grade alternatives, but we also offer top-quality camping gear and off-road equipment. Take a look at our selection and take advantage of our inventory, expertise and affordability by placing your order today.

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Backpacks & Storage Bags You decked out your Jeep, truck or SUV with the cargo storage parts you need, but what happens when you reach your off-road destination and it’s time to continue the adventure on foot? 4 Wheel Parts has the backpack or cargo bag you want to safely carry your ammo, recovery kit, food, gear and other essentials when you’re on the go. Get a Jeep cargo tote with easy zippered access, a large or small ARB cargo gear storm bag with heat sealed seams that weathers any storm or one of our other options from brands such as Smittybilt or Trail Master. Shop our affordable selection today for quality bags that make life off-road easier and more fun.

Camping Gear Life is better off-road—you just need the camping accessories and gear to help you live it. When you’re blazing a trail in your truck, Jeep or SUV and find the perfect spot to camp, you need tools, chairs and other camping necessities from 4 Wheel Parts to set up shop quickly and get back to the fun. Check out our selection of knives, trail shovels, axes and other camping tools to perform any task with ease. Take a load off and enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of trail chairs from brands such as ARB. Whatever your camping needs, we have the gear to make every adventure a fun one. Shop now!

Camping Trailers Whether you plan for a jam-packed weekend getaway or intend to extend the fun for weeks, a trailer is just what you need to accommodate your off-road agenda. 4 Wheel Parts has a number of camping trailers for sale at excellent prices to make life on and off the road simpler and more enjoyable. Take a look at the Smittybilt Scout Trailer Kit we offer, which comes with three main doors, a kitchenette cabinet, a slider drawer system and hold close latches. Grab the trailer alone or throw in the tires and wheels to get everything you need all at once. Shop now for a competitively priced trailer that takes your camping and off-roading to the next level.

Tents and Awnings Taking a lunch break or ready to set up camp after tearing up the trail in your Jeep, truck or SUV? Make sure you prepare for the blazing sun or inclement weather. 4 Wheel Parts has the tents, trail shades and awnings you need for shelter and shade. Grab a retractable awning, three-wall awning set or tent annex from brands you know and trust such as Smittybilt and ARB. Or, go all out with one of the roof top tents for trucks that we offer, with special features such as sturdy ladders, mosquito screens, steel hinges and heavy-duty waterproof materials. Shop today for the products that allow you to bring comfort and relaxation wherever you go.