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Trail Gear Steering Column

Trail Gear Steering Column

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Conquering tight or rough-cut trails requires responsive performance from all your 4X4's systems. Even though your engines, tires and suspension must be in tip-top shape, you can't forget about the importance of your steering column. If something is broken or the column is sluggish, you may veer off the trail and into trouble. For a huge selection Truck, SUV and Jeep steering columns and repair parts, 4WheelParts.com has you covered. Our inventory features the high-quality components you need to repair or customize your rig.

Install Orbital Steering
For a steering column that integrates nicely with your rig's other systems and delivers a compelling performance, an orbital steering column is hard to beat. These columns are made with steel and other strong materials to help you get the longest life possible out of your steering upgrade. Meanwhile, an orbital valve steering column has modern design and innovative construction to help you dominate wherever you choose to drive. If you need some help choosing orbital valve steering columns, our parts experts are happy to help. Since we know everything there is to know about our inventory, we have the insider knowledge you need to make a confident purchase.

Avoid Subpar Components
If you are looking to replace damaged components with orbital valve steering parts, you know you need the best ones. Unfortunately, not every aftermarket replacement is worth your investment. Since we source our selection from well-known and well-respected brands, you neve have to worry about the quality of anything we sell. Our select vehicle tool helps you choose an OEM-grade replacement part for your drive system.

Fix Your Rig Today
When you rely on 4 Wheel Parts for all your 4X4 needs, you don't have to put off essential repairs. Instead, you take advantage of our exceptional pricing and extensive selection. Take a look at our steering column components and order the parts you need to fix your rig today.

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Trail Gear 3.25" Steering Column - 130297-1-KIT


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Trail Gear 8.75" Steering Column - 130299-1-KIT


Trail Gear 4.75" Steering Column - 130298-1-KIT