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Omix-ADA Drum Brake Self Adjusting Levers

Omix-Ada Drum Brake Self Adjusting Lever

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With a performance truck, you get to live life in the fast lane. As much fun as it is to hit the trails and go go go, you need a braking system that stops on a dime and keeps you and your vehicle safe. Off-road enthusiasts want to have control over every component of their rig, which is why we carry everything you need to upgrade your drum brake system. 4WheelParts.com carries proven brands like Crown Automotive and Omix-Ada, so you know you're getting brake parts built to endure the high-impact driving you love so much.

Adjusting for Performance
As brakes wear down, the adjusting lever accounts for deterioration and keeps the shoes close to the drum. For avid drivers like yourself, a replacement drum brake adjusting lever becomes necessary after so many trips off the beaten path. You want to get ahead of any problems with your brakes, and we want to make sure you have the right parts for your vehicle. We sell the adjusters that help truck brakes function flawlessly, enabling drivers to hit the gas pedal without worrying about what happens when it's time to press the brakes.

Your truck and its cargo have to be protected. When it comes to brake parts, we only sell quality components our customers trust.

Make the Change, Feel the Difference
When you upgrade your adjusting lever, the improvement is obvious. Browse our enormous selection and find the parts you're looking for, then watch as we deliver them with shocking speed. We have warehouses and showrooms across North America, so the parts you need are just a quick shipment away. With free shipping on qualified orders over $75 and every truck and jeep accessories you could ever want, there's little wonder where we're an industry leader in OEM part distribution. Now place your order to get your brakes back on track and your truck back on the road today.

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