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Jeep Disc Brake Dust Shields

Jeep Disc Brake Dust Shield
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Whether you're tearing down a trail or breaking through uncharted territory, your hard-core jeeping machine needs all its parts working at their best. Swapping out your existing brake backing plate for one of the premium aftermarket and OEM parts available at ensures your rig is always ready to handle the harshest trails no matter where they take you. Your Jeep Wrangler rear brake backing plate is there to make sure your white-knuckle jeeping adventure is successful, so upgrade it today and never worry about your ability to stop, again. Of course, if you prefer to leave your braking to trees and boulders, we understand.

Premium Brake Backing Plates
The braking plate assembly on your high-performance jeeping rig keeps your brake components in place. Without this unassuming part, when you slam your brake pedal to the floor all that would happen is you'd leave your mark on Mother Nature in the worst possible way. You can make sure your ride ends in a triumph cloud of dust by swapping out your backing plate assembly with the best high-quality parts from Our superior bolts and backing plates work together with your customized Jeep, no matter if it's a 2 or 4-door model, to give you the premium performance you demand when the trail comes calling. By showing your Jeep some TLC today, you'll be blowing past your jeeping buddies tomorrow.

The Difference knows you'd rather be out jeeping than stuck in the shop. That's why we offer a vehicle selection tool that helps you narrow your search down to those parts specifically designed for your jeeping machine. If you have trouble finding exactly what you're looking for, just ask one of our friendly customer representatives, and they'll happily point you in the right direction. We also offer free shipping on orders of over $75 on qualifying parts. If you discover it's not the right part, you can return it within 30-days for a full refund, with no restocking fee. Order today and start saving!<

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When you're on the blazing trail you want the peace of mind that comes with optimal performance brakes. If your brakes tend to wobble or delay it might be a red flag that you need a new backing plate assembly. has the premium goods to beef up your ride with style. Depend on us to get your Jeep to decelerate or stop smoothly and cleanly. Forget about jerking or strange noises; a Jeep Wrangler rear brake backing plate securely fastens the brake shoes and thus ensures your brakes remain pliant and dependable. carries them from the best manufacturers in the biz such as Crown Automotive and Jeep. 

Forged From Steel
There's nothing better than getting behind the wheel of a Jeep straight from the dealership. The gleaming paint job and impeccable interior is enough to make any owner burst with pride. A few seasons of off-roading adventures, however, and your Jeep might not function as well as it used to. has you covered. Browse the largest inventory on the web for every automotive part under the sun, including a dana 35 backing plate. It's small but mighty, and its sophisticated engineering and high-quality metal give you a component that won't fail your brakes. There's no better place to find the parts to upgrade your vehicle's performance from average to astounding.

Fast Delivery and Installation
Order a brake backing plate from and it is shipped right to your door with haste. We understand that maintaining your Jeep is no small matter, so you get free shipping for orders over $75. In addition, opt to visit one of our service centers to get your part installed with no hassle. The rugged mountains and deep valleys are calling and sometimes you don't have time to waste decking out your vehicle. With these offers, you have nothing to lose. Get started shopping today.