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Omix-ADA Disc Brake Pad Spring Kits

Omix-Ada Disc Brake Pad Spring Kit

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Crown Automotive Anti Rattle Brake Clip

Crown Automotive Anti Rattle Brake Clip

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Pulling up to another intersection, you hear the sound again. The faintest rattle resonates as you apply the brakes. You've already checked the wheel and it is firmly in place. If you haven't recently repaired or replaced your brakes, the sound could be coming from a broken or missing disc brake anti-rattle clip. This small spring clip fits around or on either side of the ear of the brake pad and keeps it firmly in place. Occasionally a clip will break, and you will hear the pad moving.

Risks of Missing Clips

Anti-rattle clips are a small but vital part of the disc brake system. Broken or missing clips could lead to the pads jamming, moving in the caliper and possible brake failure. Other potential issues include pads skewing sideways or locking in the caliper causing the backing plates to be bent or to have part of the pad broken off.

Solutions for Missing Clips

The proper truck anti-rattle clip install process takes only a few moments. For the sake of simplicity, this article will not go into detail on removing the wheel, caliper or brake pads. Once the pad is removed, there should be three clips present. The first clip should be on the top of the inboard brake pad. The second clip goes on the bottom of the outboard brake pad. The third clip needs to be installed on the top finger of the caliper. If any of the clips are missing or broken, they should be replaced immediately.

Expert Advice

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