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Omix-ADA Brake Pedal Return Springs

Omix-Ada Brake Pedal Return Spring

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If the brake pedal in your vehicle does not automatically return to its usual height after being depressed or requires that you manually lift the pedal in order to be able to press it down again, you may need to replace the brake pedal return spring. The brake pedal spring in your vehicle causes the pedal to rise up after being pressed and released, allowing for safer and more responsive braking. This spring works along with brake boosters to provide a comfortable and functional pedal feel. Order a brake pedal return spring kit or separate components on 4 Wheel Parts.

Maintain Brake Responsiveness
The pedal return spring in your vehicle plays a critical role in maintaining the responsive feel of your brakes. Once you determine the location of this spring on your vehicle, you can then press on the brake pedal and carefully remove the spring from its mount using pliers. Once you install a replacement spring into the mount, you can better determine whether this spring is the source of your braking problems.

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