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    Don't let rainy days bring down your good time. You equipped your rig with mud flaps, mudding tires and fender flares specifically for these moments, yet they're no use if you can't see where you're going. For many people, windshield wipers are an afterthought, but for jeepers like you, they're essential to a good time. If your wipers aren't working properly, it's time to invest in quality aftermarket windshield parts. Whether you need entirely new blades or just to replace a wiper pivot nut, shop our collection at 4 Wheel Parts for quality parts at affordable prices.

    Durable Windshield Wiper Replacement Parts
    Most people think of a windshield wiper as a single component, but in actuality, each blade is comprised of several smaller components. One of the most essential components is the wiper pivot nut. The wiper pivot nut is responsible for your wipers' movements. Much like the wheels on your vehicle or the cogs on a clock, the wiper pivot nuts communicate between your vehicle's ECU and the wiper. If your pivot nuts have gone bad either because of rust, old-age or overuse, it's time to replace them with replacement windshield wiper pivot nuts.

    At 4 Wheel Parts, we have replacement nuts from top manufacturers such as Omix-ADA and Crown Automotive. These parts are made from quality materials so that they don't rust at the first sign of water. Though they're cheap, they're made to last.

    The Parts You Need for Less
    Whether you need to replace a single pivot nut or an entire windshield wiper, you can find the parts you need for less here at 4 Wheel Parts. We offer a low-price match guarantee to all of our customers, and free shipping on all orders of $99 or more. So, while you're here, don't just get a pivot nut or two—stock up on all the parts you need to beef up your rig and maximize its performance.

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